It all started back on April 5, 2005 (or September 21, 2004 when we were MIES).

at first we were at BLUEROOM every 1st and 3rd Tuesday...
then at LOCAL 16 every 1st and 3rd Tuesday...
then at SCIENCE CLUB on 1st Tuesdays...
now in rotation at GATE 54 and MARX CAFE.

Each of those nights we presented a quite laid back evening of lost and forgotten music, ambient sounds, electronic whatnot, low brow tunes, dark covers, b-sides, bloopy unusual-ness, blantant obviousness, avant garde obscurities, bubblegum oddities, punk fun, unitentional hits and very intentional misses... and other seemingful unrelated genre crossing that was nonchalantly sequenced.

Something for everyone... and nothing for some.




om - rays of the sun(to the shrine builder)
telepathe - sinister militia (tmj mix)
this heat - independence
cabaret voltaire - invocation
colin newman - alone
kaa antilope - island girls games
black moth super rainbow - rollerdisco
throbbing gristle - united
bernard parmegiani - ondes
dumb type - anesthesia
Robert Babicz - remember
tom ellard - hair
lfo - simon from sydney
soft pink truth - soft pink missy
front 242 - u-men
conrad schnitzler + son - pro IV
ultravox - maximum acceleration
pole - yungs
sparks - talent is an asset
rejects - stir crazy (demo)
channel 3x4 - nite out
brian eno - baby's on fire
colin potter - we are so glad
von sudenfed - fledermaus can't get it
london underground - train of thought
wet dog - train track
telepathe - islands
durutti column - a christmas for your thoughts
zane trow - arcade
front - blech und liebe
birndt friedman and the nu dub players - fuck back
russ meyers - excerpt from lorna
duncan vaino vaisinen - the metallic conversation
pan sonic - about insects
bauhaus - double dare
coil - penetralia 2
eurythmics - aqua
kapital band - this is what we want
pet shop boys - sodom and gomorrah show (dettinger mix)
lithops - 5
greg davis and sebastien roux - i never met her
rh kirk - info therapy
virgin prunes - come to daddy
boredoms - 13
zoviet france - mohnomische 3
edvard graham lewis - fresh life
jack rose and glan jones - linder avenue stomp
panda bears - bros



panda bear - comfy in nautica
telepathe - blinded months
robert rental - a.c.c.
scala - honeylike
weltklang - auferstanden aus ruinen
von sudenfed - family feud
teenage panzer korps - christian gender
christa pfangen - see me
nurse with wound - r and b through collis browne
b.e.f. - uptown apocolypse
coh - path #3
hakan lidbo - spiritual machines
matmos - tract for valerie solanis
mark fell - curdler
siouxsie and the banshees - 20th century boy
adult - you don't worry enough
with love - cable theme 2
killing joke - unbelievable
harmonic - vamos companeros
mensche fresser - dass ich und mein taschenrechner
coil - ubu noir
psuedo code - real action
cluster - oh odessa
subject - be careful
PIL - careering (old grey whistle test)
liquid sky soundtrack - fashion show
soft cell- bleak is my favorite cliche
gary numan - metal
pan sonic - tugboat
pole - winkelstreben
cabaret voltaire - no resistance
severed heads - the importance of hair
bridgitte bardot - te veux ou tu veux pas
rehberg and bauer - metro
general magic - obvious
the glove - sex eye make up
gudrun gut - sweet
cabaret voltaire - in the shadows
bourbonese qualk - ?
tuxedomoon - waterfront seat
mong - mong wants
legendary pink dots - closet kings
chromatics - pornography
werkbund - skogerrak 1
dead c - bitcher
au pairs - set up
mother's ruin - dany hot dog
the fall - fit and walking again
roberto de simone - secondo coro delle lavandale
leter und arbeiter - amunita
telepathe - american orphan girl
lovesliescrushing - glimmer
eric random - fade in
tim hecker - ventoux
john foxx - dr no
seefeel - filter dub (1-01 mix)
cocteau twins - blind dumb deaf
brigitte fontaine - j'ai 26 ans
tiny tim - earth angel



moondog - dog trot
arthur russell - springfield
snatch - joey
belly botox - voodoo 3
electric indigo - die sohne and das biest
dj sand - no love
wire - 2 people in a room
jan jelinek - up to my old tricks again
coil - remote viewing 4
cabaret voltaire - over and over
conrad and sohn - pro III
zeigenbock kopf - black truck
adult - good deeds
front 242 - u-men
kangding ray - nn peaks
colin newman - i've waited ages
human league/pixel mark fell remix
dum 12"?
snd - unreleased track
francis dhomont
snd - unreleased track
aoki takamasa - variation
om - bedouin vigil
conrad schnitzler - #12 from 12 stuck rom 1974
warum joe - ich worte
mad tea party - hide and seek
kanic tieffel - saturday
meisterwerk - noch lange nicht
esplendor geometrico - isolektra
SS+d - elements of
s./t. - der zwiebelfisch
jessamine - cheree
seefeel - time to find me (alt desk mix)
eric random - dow chemical co.pjusk - anelse
julie london - cry me a river



ADULT. - harvest
pan sonic - machinist
current 93 - inerrant infallible
harmonic - vamos companeros
human league - being boiled
zeigenbock kopf - hans pocketwatch
400 blows - groove jumping
ADULT. - thought i choked
ADULT. - blank eyed nose bleed
john foxx - burning car
ADULT. - cultivation
metal boys - new malden
siouxsie and the banshees - red light
ADULT. - side swiped
nova huta - deutsch filmmusik
kraftwerk - les manneguins
leben und arbeiten - amanita
wire - from the nursery
ADULT. - scare up the birds
chrome - march of the chrome police
channel 3x4 - boys
times now viking - imagine dead john lennon
minimal man - showtime
nocturnal emissions - boneshaker
cabaret voltaire - nag nag nag
chrome hoof - tonyte
noh - caucasian guilt
ADULT. - plagued by fear
ADULT. - contagious
COH - untitled smash hit
myra davies and gudrun gut - tick
the smiths - unhappy birthday
hildgard knef - love for sale
ADULT. - nausea
ADULT. - You Don't Worry Enough
throbbing gristle - distant dreams (part 2)
kk null /chris watson/z'ev - introduction
PI/E - depedance
daloks - star trail
lied und freude - on the rotline
wet dog - i can't say it
gang of four - anthrax
minimal compact - ararat
ADULT. - turn into fever
ADULT. - red herring
toenage panzer korps - brown sun part b
monoton - blau
doppler 20:20 - seed
john bender - (34b) knuckles
comedian harmonists - wenn ich vergnugt bin
cluster - caramel
ACR - back to the start
steve beaupre - les filles
matmos - freank n you
ADULT. - odd job
the normal - t.v.o.d.
ADULT. - i feel worse when i'm with you
ultravox - slow motion
the cure - sadacic(demo)
cabaret voltaire - sly doubt
autechre - recury
ADULT. - d.u.m.e.
cti - beyond temptation
sralastog - fell remix
simon wickham - smith
richard youngs - #1(lammergeier)
tiny tim - i'll see you again


den bai ying - shuang shuang yan
ambrose field - thor's hammer
angelo badalamenti - the pink room
ultravox - maximum acceleration
hakan lidbo - sex deluxe
soft pink truth - tussle
moskitoo - wham whammy
throbbing gristle - convincing people (live)
anti group - big sex
om - instant rays of infallible sun
gudrun gut - move me (fehlman mix)
pil - careering
der tpk - government christian
suicide - rocket usa
pink industry - not moving
zeigenboch kopf - machine gun
a primary industry - they're biting
arthur russell - corn #3
francis dhomont - petrification
nad spiro - spirotechnics
frank bretschnieder - party in two parts
greenskeepers - lotion
gary numan - you are in my vision
soft cell - a man could get lost (demo)
adult. - still waiting
lio - je ne pas dire oui
matmos - public sex
asmus tietchens - in die nacht
fennesz - the man with the sewing machine
vladislav delay - life travels
leben und arbeiten - amanita
wire - trail /treasure
colin potter - mainland
the liars - a visit from drum
snatch - joey
lilliental - wattwurm
bene gesseit - sahid bahey
tones on tail - twist
konstruktivists - white design 2
can - halleluhwah
siouxsie and the banshees - eve black / eve white
cabaret voltaire - messages received
trentemoller - vamp
kanding ray - mai
conrad schnitzler - electrocon 4
chris and cosey - shivers
black box recorder - sex life
nina hagen - ufo
triosk - one, twentyfour
the aluminum group - sad gay life
pansonic - a-kemia
francis dhomont - musique de chambre
alvi and the alviettes - i'll go to
klaus nomi - the twist

sept 5, 2006


russel mills + undark - red scatter
cabaret voltaire - eastern track
gary numan - a subway called you
robin guthrie - pale
fourcolour - 02
bourbonese qualk - new england
die hornissen - zeittunnel
grain - dead things
can - homage a kyoto
moondog - bumba
london underground - learn a new language
palais schaumberg - wir bauen die stadt
killing joke - the requiem
monoton - mutation waltz
monoton - ein wort
einsturzende neubauten - kalte sterne
thanatos - rot
fennesz - fa
eno + moebius - moondog
durutti colummn - requiem for a father
the cure - in your house
so - d
cocteau twins - echoes in a shallow bay
piano magic - songs of a drowning sailor
chris and cosey - morning
marc almond - your aura (bbc session)
blevin blectum - stoked skate
kraftwerk - radioactivity
fennesz - easter parade
prophets - back to the burner
vice versa - artists at war
colin newman - but no
coh - path 2
matmos - steam and sequins
paris and banksy - its hot
crime o'nantix - ?
richard youns and simon wickham smith - #1 (lammergeier)
the fall - blindness
thorau walk - vetter toms knuppel
donkey - league of mature jazz friends
wolfgang muller and namosh - die schuld struktur
schlammpeitziger - koln olpe
barbara morgenstern - aus heiterem himmel (intel mix)
die wohnhaft - avec ou sans toi
recoil - edge of life
insanity sect - choctaw ridge
marcus guenter - null
gang gang dance - gods $
cranes - pale blue sky
the polls - night active
laurie anderson - o superman
toru takemitsu - toward the sea 3
laurie anderson - i dreamed i had to take a test
kangding ray - stabil
asmus tietchens - regenwald
marz - tropije trauben
bauhaus - swing the heartache
morrissey - alsatian cousin
gary numan - it must have been years
captain sensible - its hard to believe
sparks - everybody's stupid
nad spiro - fightclubbing
hartfield - true colour, true lie
electrelane - if not now, when?
airiel - airtight angels
my bloddy valentine - you should never
sarita montiel - quizas quizas quizas
arthur russell - see through love

august 1, 2006


Robert hampson + steven hess - 3
minamo - fm tokyo
cabaret voltaire - let it come down
cti - allis
ambrose field - thor's hammer
gary numan - music for chameleons
alphaville- summer in berlin
Elektronische Musik Aus Koeln - tanz in der himmel
coil - for us they will
08/15 - 1000 gelbe tennisbaelle
glenn branca - my relationship
tom and marty band - algiers
bene gesserit - mickey please
l'usine - counting
matmos - a song for the appeal
coelacanth - ubermarket
pink section - shopping
mekons - another one
duncan/tutti/carter - 1
marcel kanche - untitled
acr - rial to
camberwelll now - green lantern
kevin henrich and new order - haystack
fovea hex - huge
process - pop beat
general magic - detritus
p1/e - dependence
christina f - wunderbar
abc - surrender (demo)
101 - rock to the beat
teja - studieren
adult - skinlike
soft cell - walking make up counter
siouxsie and the banshees - helter skelter (live)
soft cell - frustration (demo)
m:1:5 - 7
groenlander orchester - tonika oase
gudrun gut - more me
the fall - eat y'self filter (peel session)
the four plugs - wrong treatment
mutterfunk - jody madre radiotelegrafo
suuicide - child, its a new world
bourbonese qualk -let it go
a primary industry - they're biting
tones on tail - happiness
country teasers - please ban music/gegen alles
to rococo rot - ?
telex - number 1 song in heaven
the anti group - ha
alvi and the alviettes - i'll go to
gary numan - stormtrooper in drag
kelly - shoes
cabaret voltaire - eyeless sight
nad spiro - spirotechnics
bauhaus - funeral rose garden of sores
minny pops - ice cube wall
diagram brothers - dischordo
cocteau twins - alas dies laughing
royksopp - what else is there
robert wyatt - raining in my heart
six organs of admittance - assyrian blood
biosphere/deathprod - les fleurs du mal
monoton - blau
hideous in strength - self wheel
foehn - lovely fights
legendary pink dots - message from our sponsors
ulrich schnauss - in all the wrong places
angie reed - no pony
pseudocode - waiting for zorro
il y a volkswagen - kill myself
pere ubu - ubu dance party
om - bedouin's vigil
lovesliescrushing - youreyesemaculate
robin guthrie - continental
oval - you are here
coil - triple sun
chris and cosey - sweet surprise 2
come - sex
conrad schnitzler - Bis Die Blaue Blume Bluht/45

june 6, 2006


throbbing gristle - six six sixties
rebecca pan - beguin solo
gas - heller
nocturnal emissions - bestaie clamor
chris carter - non-pop
cocteau twins - speak no evil
cti - the need
matmos - roses and teeth for wittgenstein
john foxx - burning car
der plan - space bob
izn - get ur fleece on
hybrid kids - do you think i'm sexy
tuxedo moon - pinheads on the move
laibach - organofonia ramous
om - flight of the eagle
saal 2 - strandgefuehle
operation mind control - out there
x ray pop - plastic
miguelito valdes - rumba rumbero
bene gesserit - american orphan girl
giuseppe ielasi - untitled #4
fennesz - circassian
plastikman - circles
marcus guenther - jellyfish
fennesz and david sylvian - transit
piano magic - giants mirror to light up village
contriva - things you said
rema rema - fond affections
biosphere - dropsonde
vladislav delay - 2nd quarter
stars as eyes - casino
my bloody valentine - no more sorry
chris and cosey - lost bliss
gary numan - i die, you die
roxy music - editions of you
sutekh - recession clouds
metal boys - new malden
die hornissen - zeit tunnel
coil - penetralia 2
cabaret voltaire - the set up
nurse with wound - Fashioned To A Device Behind A Tree
rehbrg and bauer - metro
colin newman - this picture
coh - starlust
gina x performance - opposite number
neu - hallo gallo
der plan - da voine steht ne ampel
blurt - nights before
he said - kidnap yourself
mignelito makanda - kerestina
nurse with wound - ubu noir
cti - the gift
puppy - jerusalem
tripod jimmy - spike the dike
theoretical girls - no more sex
einsturzende neubauten - perpetuum mobile
biosphere - something?
hartfield - stand by me
slowdive - the sandman
cocteau twins - kookaburra
m83 - don't save us from the flames
ariel pink - getting high in the morning
colin newman - fools on deck
ms john soda - go check
eurythmics - i could give you a mirror
nina hagen - african reggae
klaus nomi - lightning strikes
goldfrapp - ooh lala
dmx krew - u can't hide ur love
echo and the bunnymen - the puppet
kraftwerk - musique non stop
p-1 - 49 sec romance
adult - still waiting
siouxsie and the banshees - nicotene stain
lithops - unit umi #4
chris carter - sublev
alva noto - jr
sparks - tearing the place apart

may 2, 2006


trapist - observations took place
zoviet france - mohnomishe 3
cti - hipsa
soft cell - excretory eat anorexia nervosa
adult - thought i choked
coil/black light district - blue rats
the future - blank clocks
steinbruchel - stage 4
gilbert hampson kendall - seven's
process - smp k option 2
flying saucer attack - up in her eyes
mouthus - (untitled) from "snow globes"
the fall - hip priest (peel session)
cabaret voltaire - sluggin fer jesus (pt 1)
this heat - the fall of saigon
wolfgang muller and namosh - die schuld-struktur
clock dva - beautiful losers
tivol - jawohl, tivol!
curve - the colour hurts
airiel - kiss me sadly
dublee - sunset
fennesz - only the poor have to travel
mice parade - pursuant to the vibe
gwei-lo - u.r.r.
the cure - all cats are grey
biosphere - sherbrooke
sneakster - fragments
gus gus - remembrance
the cure - pornography
propaganda - murder of love
cocteau twins - feathers oar blades
throbbing gristle - adrenaline
goldfrapp - ride a white horse
signal - spiral
spk - israel
the jesus and mary chain - kill surf city
colin newman - don't bring reminders
der plan - adrenalin lasst das blut kochen
arthur russell - my tiger
pseudocode - watoo watoo
francis bebey - bissan
front - blech und liebe
swell maps - whatever happens next
wire - second length
liquid liquid - optimo
om - flight of the eagle
bene gesseuit - sahid behey
scritti politti - is and ought the western world
dntl/postal service - superpitcher (kompakt remix)
johann johansson - fleuborg
flock of seagulls - story of a young heart
cocteau twins - iceblink luck
grace jones - love is the drug
electralane - right steps
stars as eyes - rotten
m83 - farewell/goodbye
donna regina - melancholy man
asmus tietchens - club of rome
marz - oktober im park
oval - post post
section 25 - charnel ground
yaz - midnight
nico - das lied von einsamen madchen
omd - annex
bernard parmegiani - accidents/harmoniques
chris and cosey - moving still
siouxsie and the banshees - lunar camel
pyrolator - happiness
dif juz - no motion
slowdive - golden hair (peel session)

april 4, 2006


sogar - solang carter tutti - the streets of london fields
trapist - pt 2
bauhaus - doubledare
cabaret voltaire - black mask
nico and the faction - win a few
daf - reach for the stars
tuxedomoon - fifth column
throbbing gristle - guts on the floor
pluramon - noise academy
m83 - moon child
ms john soda - unsleeping
johann johannson - dis
airiel - kiss me sadly
lalipuna - repeater
hartfield - nineball
cocteau twins - those eyes that mouth
colin newman - i've waited ages
gudrun gut - move me
brian eno - driving me backwards
swell maps - midget submarines
mouse on mars with mes - wipe that sound
minimal compact - lowflight
yabba you and king tubby - plague dub
au pairs - its obvious
zane trow - arcade
throbbing gristle - distant dreams 2
kraftwerk - kristallo
soft cell - a cut above the rest
siouxsie and the banshees - drop dead/celebration
minny pops - goddess
fad gadget - coitus interuptus
minty - that's nice
yello - no more words
frank bretschnieder - frequenzen
pyrolator - du bist
cabaret voltaire - the web (12" mix)
curve - doppelganger
the cure - short term effect
gang gang dance - gods $
siouxsie and the banshees - lands end
swervedriver - for seeking heat
ecstasy of st. theresa - to alison
film school - he's a deep deep
efterklang - step aside
biosphere - warned by the drift
kevin harrison - blinded by hipnotism
richard youngs - once it was autumn
joseph mkwawa - maisa yancu
soliman gamil - valley of the kings and queens
bourbenese qualk - knock
porter ricks - port of nuba
can - halleluhah
people like us - swing largo
ariel pink - strange fires
human league - being boiled
agf - rakastaja
the dolls - chokes
snd - sakamoto remix
clock dva - techno geist
wire - being watched
richard h kirk - martyrs of palestine (12" mix)
depeche mode - two minute warning
slowdive - melon yellow
eno + moebius - broken head
savage - don't cry tonight
grace jones - bullshit
japan - all tomorrow's parties
my bloody valentine - slow
his name is alive - red headed girl
yo la tengo - the shadows fall on the ground

march 7, 2006


87 central - phosphur
agf - loading
carter tutti - kinka
arthur russell - platform on the ocean
marcus guenter - jellyfish
gavin bryars - raising the titanic (aphex twin big drum remix)
christopher bissonette - travelling light
lappetittes - my within
agf + sue c. - marzipan
cocteau twins/harold budd - sea swallow me
section 25 - no abiding place
siouxsie and the banshees - tenant
thams leer - mr nobody
eurythmics - revenge
colin newman - fish 3
bauhaus - rose garden funeral of sores
nina hagen - african reggae
talking heads - once in a lifetime (live)
grace jones - love is the drug
the cure - six different ways
airiel - 500 deep
chapterhouse - something more (robin guthrie mix)
colin newman - i've waited ages
mobius + plank - conditionierer
snd - ryiuchi sakamoto remix
kraftwerk - les mannequins
abc - hey citizen
marc almond - traumas traumas traumas
throbbing gristle - what a day (live 2004)
soft cell - tupperware party
gilbert, hampson, kendall - achorst
lithops - artcart
klaus nomi - keys of life
nina hagen - hermann hesse er
m83 - fields shorelines and hunters
stereolab - dots
coh - untitled smash hit
ms john soda - by twos
biosphere - in triple time
agf - crazy
the orb - komplikation
johann johannsson - blank modernism
laub - tulsa lebt
cocteau twins - the spanglemaker
ecstasy of st. theresa - ice cream skater
fennesz - before i leave
lalipuna - don't think
slowdive - when the sun hits
nico - my heart is empty
japan - in vogue
omd - the avenue
the the - out of the blue
tom ellard - brain
cabaret voltaire - messages received
clock dva - dark attractor
susuma yokota + rothko - brook and burn
moon and the melodies - she will destroy you
slowdive - golden hair
this mortal coil - it'll end in tears

feb 21, 2006


francis dhomont - studio de nuit
murcof - receurdos
kid baltan - mechanical motions
nina hagen - ufo
aeroc - summers almost over
agf3 + sue c - paradise
chris and cosey - visions of love
severed heads - a million angels
missing scientists - discotheque x
richard youngs - sonar in my soul
gudrun gut - move me
perez prado - martinica
wire - our swimmer
wir - sexy + rich
cluster + eno - the belldog
fennesz - circassian
cocteau twins - when mama was moth
slowdive - she calls
johann johannsson - dis
hood - blooms eventually
hartfeld - true color
isan - scoop
soft cell - frustration (mutant moments version)
cabaret voltaire - in the shadows
adult - turn into fever
bauhaus - scopes
gilbert /hampson /kendall - quad
throbbing gristle - hit by a rock
rehberg + bauer - sunday
sparks - when i'm with you
lb - superbad
einsturzende neubauten - Kein Bestandteil Sein
burbonese qualk - suburb city
om - anapurna
porter ricks - anthracite
deathprod - burnt wood
musical janeems - ?
the fall - joker hysterical face
psuedo code - real action
sightings - internal compass
simple minds - this earth that you walk upon
lycia - wae
sam rosenthal - before buildings fall
moebius - nervos
vladislav delay - 1st quarter
the dolls - martini never dries
so - d
alva noto + ryuchi sakamoto - morning light
the moon and the melodies - why do you love me?
khonner - daylight and delight
ms john soda - ?
act - certified
biosphere - in triple time
richard h kirk - magic words command
pluramon - goop
marz - tropige trauben
tom ellard - anthem
the the - giant
duncan / vanio /vaissenen - eliminated: the jolly
grace jones - unlimited capacity for love
swans - love will save you
locust - where did it all go wrong
goldfrapp - lovely head
savage - don't cry
depeche mode - blasphemous rumours
stereolab - dots and loops
marlene dietrich - no love no nothin

feb 7, 2006


francis dhomont - pareil a un voyageur perdu
main - rail
kyborg - bask
acid horse - no name no slogan (cabaret volatire mix)
throbbing gristle - dead on arrival
donna regina - secrets
depeche mode - fools (bigger)
acr - forced laugh
gagarin kombinaati - raskas
gudrun gut - more me
the fall - your wanker
robert rental - a.c.c.
immersion - oscillating beta remix
bene gesseuit - american orphan girl
kraftwerk - expo 2000
angelo badalamenti - pink room
cranes - inescapable
durutti column - sketch for summer
cocteau twins - faith + wander around lost
philip boa + the voodoo club - deep in velvet (aphex twin mix)
gavin friday - angel
bjork - its all in your hands
luomo - melt (agf remix)
coil - love's secret domain
omd - electricity (martin hannett version)
adult. - hold your breath
section 25 - girls dont count
chris and cosey - love cuts
phoenecia - odd job
virgin prunes - love lasts forever
lightning bolt - 2 morro morro land
the faith healers - reptile smile
hnas - das schwein reibt das tor ein
gundrun gut - move me (fehlmann mix)
organum - penguins eat fish
ariel pink - haunted graffitti
heads on sticks - in your backyard
tore elgardy - dim mask
isan - betty's lament
alva noto + ryuichi sakamoto - aurora
efterklang - step aside
agf - vaterland
fennesz - endless summer live
gang gang dance - ego war
piano magic - amongst the books an angel
the cure - the hanging garden
lithops - attached
nico - win a few
human league - seconds
propaganda - the murder of love
depeche mode - now this is fun
severed heads - dead eyes opened
severed heads - sozzled squirrel
101 - welcome in my acid house
hollywood undead - must be emo
the jesus and mary chain - taste the floor
sanso xtra - like white fire
slowdive - melon yellow
lovesliescrushing - ?
throbbing gristle - very friendly
skinny puppy - centre bullet
the ecstasy of st theresa - noises of silence
yo la tango - damage is done
tones on tail - rain
sonic youth - teen age riot
julee cruise - she would die for love


jan 31, 2006


blixa bargeld - somewhere over the rainbow (judy garland)
cabaret voltaire - she loved you (the beatles)
klaus nomi - the twist (chubby checker)
coil - bang bang (nancy sinatra)
claudia brucken + andrew poppy - broken english (marianne faithful)
winston tong - broken english (marianne faithful)
manual - summer haze (slowdive)
soft cell - you only live twice (nancy sinatra)
lalipuna - don't think (?)
the hope blister - spider + i (brian eno)
pale saints - blue flower (mazzy star)
christian kleine - maladjusted (morrissey)
the cure - young american (david bowie)
grace jones - the hunter gets captured by the game (smokey robinson)
this mortal coil - another day (roy harper)
human drama - across a thousand blades black tape for a blue girl)
mira - when you sleep (my bloody valentine)
einsturzende neubauten - sand (lee hazelwood)
amanda lear - boots (nancy sinatra)
marc almond - for one moment (lee hazelwood)
slowdive - some velvet morning (lee hazelwood and nancy sinatra)
klaus nomi - ding dong (wizard of oz)
grace jones - send in the clowns (sondheim)
balanescu quartet - the model (kraftwerk)
big black- the model (kraftwerk)
zoot woman - the model (kraftwerk)
alva noto - mensch machine (kraftwerk)
senor coconut - its more fun to compute (kraftwerk)
tricky - black steel (eric b and rakim)
curve - i feel love (donna summer)
klaus nomi - i feel love (donna summer)
the cure - world in my eyes (depeche mode)
nina hagen - shiva (traditional)
nina hagen - my way (sinatra)
bruce lash - cities in dust (siouxsie and the banshees)
melt banana - surfin usa (beach boys)
the chipmunks - surfin usa (beach boys)
the cramps - surfin bird (the trashmen)
christian marclay - jukebox cappucino (various new wave things)
the dolls - nightlife (lou reed)
electralane - the partisan (new york dolls)
this mortal coil - not me (colin newman)
boy division - mad world (tears for fears)
omd - waiting for the man (velvet underground)
nico - waiting for the man (velvet underground)
flying lizards - sex machine (james brown)
sentimental jugende - satisfaction (rolling stones)
psychic tv - good vibrations (beach boys)
tiffany - i think we're alone now (Tommy James and The Shondells)
lene lovich - i think we're alone now-japanese version (Tommy James and The Shondells)
silicon teens - you really got me (kinks)
adult. - me and my rhythm box (liquid sky soundtrack)
the frogs - vacation (go gos)
ciccone youth - get into the groove (madonna)
act - heaven knows i'm miserable now (smiths)
strawberry switchblade - jolene (dolly parton)
devo - secret agent man (johnny rivers)
jingle cats - secret agent man (johnny rivers)
doctor and the mix - i cant control myself (the troggs)
polyphonic size - mothers little helper (rolling stones)
grace jones - she's lost control again (joy division)
tiny tim - i got you babe (sonny and cher)
soft cell - where did our love go (supremes)
coh - fetsih (vicious pink)
crispy ambulance - united (throbbing gristle)
the creatures - right now (mel torme)
east india company - ave maria (traditional)
scala - heart of glass (blondie)
soft pink truth - do they owe us a living (crass)
eurythmics - wrap it up (sam and dave)
siouxsie and the banshees - this town isnt big enough (sparks)
sparks - i wanna hold your hand (beatles)
magnetic fields - i die you die (gary numan)
swans - love will tear us apart (joy division)
bauhaus - ziggy stardust (bowie)
nico - heroes (bowie)
john yoko - papa was a rodeo (magnetic fields)
flying lizards - summertime blues (eddie cochran)
tuxedomoon - heard it through the grapevine (smokey robinson and the miracles)


jan 17, 2006

in looping order of appearance:

Taylor Deupree - Forest/ Opaque
Klaus Schulze - Melange
Carter Tutti - unreality I
Zoviet France - Untitled (music for a spaghetti western)
main - there is only light
Tears for fears -╩ pale shelter
Labradford - Underwood 5ive
Moondog- Invocation
Son of Sam - God Save The King
ACR - Flight
Aidan Baker - Drone Four
Miguelito Valdes - Elube Changs
SPK - Mekano
The Fall - The Man Whose Head Exploded
The Jesus & Mary Chain - Living End
Electralane - 1,2,3 Lots / Bells
The Ecstasy of St. Theresa - Square Wave
Slowdive - Sing
Cocteau Twins - It's All But An Ark Lark
Fennesz - Codeine
Susuma Yokota + Rothko - Waters Edge
Marcus Guentner - Sommergewitter
Susuma Yokota + Rothko - Deep In Mist
FM3 - ruan
Coil - Heaven's blade
Bauhaus - God In An Alcove
Fad Gadget - Coitus Interuptus
Metal Urbain - Futurama
Clan of Xymox - 7th Time
Adult - Helen Bach
CV - I want You
Soft Pink Truth - Homosexual
Amanda Lear - Black Holes
Killing Joke - The Wait
The Four Plays - Biking End
William Arpaiz╩- Listen Mister Hat
X-Ray Pop - Mireille
The Clean - Point That Thing Dub
Loop Orchestra - Romance
Pan Sonic - Gravity╩
Thomas Felhman - Ghost Dance
chris watson - asyou wander round
gang gang dance - ego war
konono no1 - masikula
the creatures - killing time
plastic people of the universe - vorschict!
lycia - 9 hours later
the cure - disintegration (live)
sisters of mercy - black planet
siouxsie and the banshees - israel (live)
virgin prunes - caucasian walk
moreno - suicide commando
yello - no more roger
claudia brucken - fanatic
depeche mode - ice machine
non - cleanliness and order
throbbing gristle - five knuckle shuffle
wire - another the letter
adult - hold your breath
this mortal coil - not me
new order - temptation
depeche mode - master and servant
kraftwerk - musique non stop
the cure - pornography
rah band - messages from the stars
savage - you keep calling me
sanso xtra - like white fire


jan 3, 2006


einsturzende neubauten - ich gehe jetzt
the dolls - star like
khonnor - megans present
pulse programming - blooms eventually
so - c
efterklang - step aside
eno + cluster - broken head
cabaret voltaire - your agent man
pseudocode - moon effect
moondog - bumbo
adult - strange mistakes
ariel pink - among dreams
mouse on mars w/MES - wipe that sound
porter ricks - port gentil
cabaret voltaire - automotivation
throbbing gristle - convincing people (live at camber sands)
coil - heaven's blade
asmus tietchens - dahintor industrielgelande
bauhaus - double dare
cocteau twins - in the gold dust rush
claudia brucken - surprise
dif juz - no motion
love spirals downwards - sideways forest
slowdive - morning rise
ms. john soda - hiding /feeling
tricky - black steel
grace jones - love is the drug
peaches - aaxxx (i can't believe mark played this)
plastics - robert
oren marshall - 6
to rococo rot - she understands the dynamic
robert wyatt - shipbuilding
we be echo - shake, shake , go!
the loop orchestre - bride
iham/echo - eagle
nurse with wound - july 4
skin - 1000 years
coil - triple sun
ilse lau - schummelnone
throbbing gristle - what a day (live at camber sands)
yello - bostisch (n'est ce pas)
gina x performance - black sheep
za za - zaurstab
soft cell - walking make up counter
mono 45 upm - romantic adieu
thomas leer - hear what i say
ennio morricone - living in stereo
bjork - benus as a boy (mykael reilly dub mix)
pet shop boys - jack the lad
ariel - shirley temple tidal wave
my bloddy valentine - off ur face
joy division - transmission
curve - blacker three tracker
chris and cosey - synaesthesia
cocteau twins - spanglemaker
piano magic - certainty
siouxsie and the banshees - lullaby
dali's car - create and melt
the ecstasy of st theresa - fluidum
this mortal coil - barramundi
the glove - looking glass girl
tuxedomoon - what use?
pyrolator - happiness
the human league - the lebanon
zavaloka - kra sa
throbbing gristle - how do you deal
yaz - in my room
coil - tattooed man
nico - das lied der deutschen

dec 20, 2005


87 central - element phosphur
amute - weight of time
cocteau twins - lazy calm
chris and cosey - sweet surprise
nocturnal emissions - lighten our darkness
siouxsie and the banshees - bring me the head of the preacher man
tuxedomoon - the stranger
joy division - i remember nothing
clan of xymox - blind hearts
adult - skinlike
ecstacy of st theresa - square wave
hartfield - she knows
curve - doppellganger
damage manual - blame and demand
laub - tulsa lebt
eno, moebius, rodelius, plank - conditioner
the anti group - big sex
sprung aus der wolken - akcamba
techno animal - anthracite
leif elgren - royal organ
he said - pump
moondog - bird's lament
bene gessenit - kidnapping
buzzcocks - esp
jinglecats - christmas song
bauhaus - dark entries
vice versa - eyes of christ
daf - what are you going to wear tonight
psychic tv - alien be-in
japan - quiet life
coil - anal staircase
richard h kirk - martyrs of palestine
einsturzende neubauten - tanz debil
nina hagen - zero zero ufo
bauhaus - stigmata martyr
bjork - all in your hands
aphex twin - richard d. james
exile - big purple slimey one
seefeel - quique
gang gang dance - gods $
human league - darkness
giorgio moroder - ?
spk - mekano
wire - 1st fast
bene gesserit - orchestral story
moondoog - all is lonliness
pink industry - not moving
cti - mary
mdk - berlin
radiance - radiance on fucking radiance
eno - baby's on fire
throbbing gristle - distant dreams
klaus nomi - silent night
throbbing gristle - hamburger lady (carter tutti remix)
this mortal coil - fyt
goldfrapp - forever ( mountaineers mix)
marc almond - heart on snow
sparks - thank god its not christmas
audion - vegetables
cocteau twins - sugar hiccup
marcus guenter - wenn musik der liebe nahrung ist
joy division - interzone (demo)
the cramps - strychnine
siouxsie and the banshees - placebo effect (thorn version)
tiny tim - all i want for christmas is my two front teeth


dec 6, 2005


our movies: pasolini's TEOREMA / aldritch's THE KILLING OF SISTER GEORGE / jarman's EDWARD II

richard h kirk - frankie machine (part 2)
stephen mallinder - length of time
thomas leer - private plane
amanda leer - i am a photograph
autechre - second scout
nina hagen - ufo
philip jeck - wholesome
stereolab + nurse with wound - simple headphone mix
high llamas - alloway
sam prekop - so shy
glo worm - stars above
mouse on mars - lazergom
manitoba - ole
giant drag - god's only noise
eavesdropper - ea1_v2
cabaret voltaire - kneel lto the boss
eurythmics - monkey monkey
bauhaus - spy in the cab
chris and cosey - shivers
depeche mode - tora tora tora
wire - being watched
add n to x - sheez mine
giant drag - eric is gay
ratatat - 17 years
high llamas - remix
junior boys - i last exist (fennesz remix)
blue states - the windfield audition
high llamas - harpers romo
yo la tengo - danelectro3 (nobukozu takemura)
stereo total - holiday inn
buffalo daughter - silver turkey
mouse on mars - actionist respoke
his name is alive - red haired girl
hartfield - strangers when we meet
violet indiana - sundance
locust - where did it all go wrong
johan johannsson - dis
yo la tengo - sugarcube
aphex twin - windowlicker
pizzacato 5 -
france gall - der computer no.4
siouxsie and the banshees - skin
die hornissen - zeittunnel
p-1 - 49 sec romance
fehlfarben - hier und jetzt
gang of four - at home he's a tourist
rehberg and bauer - sunday
severed heads - spitoon thud
roy orbison - in dreams
high llamas - mouse on mars remix
stereolab - fuses
eric idle - fuck you very much
four tet - smile around the face
john mcentire - playtime
kiln - ero
pluramon - time for a lie
lush - sweetness and light
ride - going home
cocteau twins - sultitan itan
electronic - soviet
ghislain poirier - off to do showery snapshots
the lappetittes - tzungentwist
pet shop boys - sound of the atom splitting
sneakster - fragments
angelo badalamenti - pink room
helios - homero hymnos
laurie anderson - the visitors
frank bretschnieder - barebone
throbbing gristle - hot on the heels of love
crispy ambulance - chill
soft cell - babydoll
gang gang dance - ego war
gina x performance - nice mover
sparks - how are you getting home


nov 29, 2005



antenna - outdoor miner (wire)
galaxie 500 - ceremony (new order)
hole - pale blue eyes (lou reed)
the cramps - fever (peggy lee)
marine girls - fever (peggy lee)
echo and the bunnymen - friction (television)
dump - erotic city (prince)
sandra bernhard - little red corvette (prince)
the magnetic fields - heroes (bowie)
memphis - love comes quickly ( pet shop boys)
raincoats - lola (kinks)
judy nylon - jailhouse rock (elvis)
the fall - why are people grudgefull (joe gibbs / lee perry)
fsa - coming home
fire engines - we dont like that fascist groove thing (heaven 17)
marine - a man and a woman (francis lai)
animals and men - nag nag nag (cabaret voltaire)
bunny drums - tv eye ( stooges)
cindy and bert - der hund von baskerville (paranoid-black sabbath)
b-52s - dont worry (yoko ono)
wall of voodoo - ring of fire (johnny cash)
devo - satisfaction ( rolling stones)
saint etienne - stormtrooper in drag (gary numan)
silicon teens - your really got me (the kinks)
the wedding present - let's make plans (close lobsters)
aztec camera - jump (van halen)
nouvelle vague - love will tear us apart (joy division)
antena - boy from ipanema
love tractor - neon lights (kraftwerk)
nancy sinatra - run for your life ( beatles)
southern culture on the skids - daddy was a preacher, mama was a go-go girl
yo la tengo - be thankful for what you've got
grace jones - private life (pretenders)
some 60s thai singer - funky broadway (james brown)
lolita storm - anarchy in the uk (sex pistols)
amok - monday on my mind
metal urbain - tracie vers 2
api - heart of glass (blondie)
beatles barkers - hard days night (beatles)
swell maps - get down and get with it
mark savage - do you think i'm sexy (rod stewart)
stereo kids - st elmos fire (eno) + abc (the multitude)
killdozer - take the money and run (steve miller)
unrest - ufo (esg)
tuxedomoon - heard it through the grapevine (smokey robinson and the miracles)
nina hagen - fever (peggy lee)
claudia brucken + andrew poppy - white noise maker (frank black)
bruce lace - i wanna be sedated (ramones)
act - heaven knows i'm miserable now (smiths)
marc almond - love for sale
siouxsie and the banshees - helter skelter (beatles)
marilyn manson - i put a spell on you (screamin jay hawkins)
the chipmunks - she loves you (beatles)
lena lovich - i think we're alone now/japanese version (Tommy James & The Shondells)
nico - waiting for the main (velvet underground)
omd - waiting for the main (velvet underground)
the frogs - vacation (go-gos)
strawberry switchblade - jolene (dolly parton)
silicon teens - sweet little 16 (chuck berry)
ymo - day tripper (beatles)
eurythmics - wrap it up (sam and dave)
psychic tv - good vibrations (beach boys)
goldfrapp - yes sir
sentimental jugen - satisfaction (rolling stones)
polyphonic size - mothers little helper (rolling stones)
visage - in the year 2525 (zager and evans)
ac marias - vicious (lou reed)
amanda lear - lili marlene
klaus nomi - just one look (doris toris)
moog cookbook - teen spirit (nirvana)
human league - rock and roll (gary glitter) + nightclubbing (lou reed)
grace jones - send in the clowns (glynis johns)
sparks - i wanna hold your hand (beatles)
bauhaus - ziggy stardust (bowie)
creatures - wild thing (the wild ones)
japan - all tommorrows parties (velvet underground)
tiny tim - i'll see you again (peggy wood)
blixa bargeld - somewhere over the rainbow (judy garland)


nov 1, 2005

SCOTT SEYMOUR (special guest dj)

our special post-halloween rehab

Ralph Marterie and His Marlboro Men - Theme from "Alfred Hitchcock Presents"
Pram - Track of the Cat
"Graveyard Tramps" radio movie promo
Frank Popp Ensemble - Goo Goo Muck
Elvis Presley - (You're the) Devil in Disguise
Dusty Springfield - Spooky
Peggy Lee - Bewitched
Buddy Morrow and his Orchestra - The Raven (from "Poe for Moderns")
Siouxsie and the banshees - Headcut
Chris & Cosey - In Ecstacy
Soft Cell - martin
Cabaret Voltaire - Hell's Home
Cranes - Lilies (Flood remix)
Scars - Horrorshow
The Fall - Mad Mock Goth
Suicide - Ghost Rider
Il y a Volkswages - Kill Myself
PIL - Graveyard
Cindy Talk - The Ghost Never Smiles
CTI - Dancing Ghosts
"Vampire Playgirls" radio movie promo
The Woggles - Dracula's Daughter
Laika and the Cosmonauts - Psyko
The Civil Tones - Theme from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
Southern Culture on the Skids - Bloodsucker
The Downliner Sect - Glendora
Mekons - Wicked Midnite
Southern Culture on the Skids - Devil's Stomping Grounds
Satan's Pilgrims - Gravewalk
The New York Dolls - Frankenstein
Ted Cassidy - The Lurch
The Ghastley Ones - The Ghastley Stomp
The Zombies - Call of the Night
Cramps - I was a Teenage Werewolf
Curve - Fait Accompli
Severed Heads - Dead Eyes Opened
Q Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses
Siouxsie - Tenant
Cramps - 2 Headed Sex Change
Scientist - Ghost of Frankenstein
Pan Sonic - Mutator
Techno Animal - Demonoid
Non - King of Beast
Minimal Man - 2 Little Skeletons
Killing Joke - Tension
Country Teasers - ??
Metal Urbain - ??
Mr. Terrible - Hokus Pricey
Pixies - Dead
Pylon - Danger
Wire - I am the Fly
King Biscuit Time - I Walk the Earth
The Human League - Darkness
The Notwist - One with the Freaks
Lali Puna - Call 1-800-FEAR
Opal - Happy Nightmare Baby
The Velvet Undergroud - The Murder Mystery
Adult - Get Me Out
The Cure - Short term Effect
Hartfield - True Colour
Oval - t8
Fennesz - Instrumental 2
Michael Brook - Ultramarine
Gang of 4 - Love Like Anthrax
Robert Johnson - Me & the Devil Blues
Instant Automatons - Scared to be Alone
The Fall - New Face in Hell
Pink Industry - The Corpse
O Yuki Conjugate - A Darker Belief
Scientist - The Voodoo Curse
Severed Heads - We Have Come to Bless This House
NWW & Coil - How to Destroy Angels


oct 18, 2005



cti - devash coil - queens of the circuilating library
harold budd + eraldo bernocchi - five
klaus nomi - keys of life
john foxx - he's a liquid
adult. - dispassionate furniture
r. gonzales-arrayo - de las distance
adult. - dissapoint the youth
tuxedomoon - 59 to 1
wire - mercy
cranes - i hope
adult. - the end
the cure - the hanging garden
dali's car - create and melt
johann johannsson - genefruit
susuma - yakota - song of the sleeping forest
adult. - in my nerves
pornosect - for your entertainment
colin potter - i am your shadow
the fall - fade away
patrick fitzgerald - trendy
freiwilligie selbstkontrolle - verbotene frucht
the homosexuals - divorce procedding (from reality)
the normal - warm leatherette
joan of ass - i'm the daddy now
country teasers - no limits
wire - pink flag (live)
adult. - blankeyed nosebleed
adult. - scare up the birds
cabaret voltaire - hells home
gina x performance - plastic suprise box
soft cell - cleansing fanatic
liasons dangereuses - los ninos de la parque
adult. - minors at night
divine - alphabet rap
snd - dont touch my shed
christine f - wunderbar
tara vanfloer - this womb like liquid honey
adult. - d.u.m.e.
cabaret voltaire - ghosttalk
kill memory crash - kill ghost
christian marclay - jukebox capriccio
heads on sticks - a place to wait
asmus tietchens - ptolemaine (excerpt)
bourbonese qualk - let it go
clock dva - brigade
skream - angry
cocteau twins - blind, dumb, deaf
various artists - no.9
stock, hausen, and walkman - hang ups
brian eno and the wonkies - paw paw negro
adult. - hold your breath
joy division - incubation
spk - epilept: convulse
fennesz - paint it black
human league - toyota city
komet - kom
yann geslin - variations didactiques
kraftwerk - die roboter
silicon teens - sun flight
adult. - strange mistakes
malaria - thrash me
human league - do or die
the cure - play for today
hartfield - girl like you
the orb - once more
fennesz - endless summer
cabaret voltaire - she loved you
slowdive - souvlaki space station
kraftwerk - ananas symphonie
klaus nomi - wasting my time
nouvelle vague - a forest


oct 4, 2005


Colin Newman - Commercial Suicide
Einsturzende Neubauten - Dead Friends (Around the Corner)
Mouse On Mars - lasergum
Antena - Achilles
Mothmen - Please Let Go
G'Einst Nait - La Prego
Son of Sam - God Save the King
Logic - Unit
Bugger Sod - Under Control
Leather Nun - Slow Death
Conrad Schnitzler - Fata Morgana
Planet Jazz - B-Pop
Young Marble Giants - Choci Loni
Maximum Joy - Silent Street/Dub
Hood - The Lost You
Chris & Cosey - Take Control
Severed Heads - Dead Eyes Opened
Seefeel - Plainsong
FSOL - Lifeforms 2
Hartfield - Girl Like You (Pia Fraus Mix)
Video Kid - Brett McKenzie
Dub Lee - 01
Kraftwerk - Autobahn (Live)
Institut fuer Feinmotorik - In B
Edward Ka-Spel - Sticks & Stones
Skream - Traitor
Liquid Liquid - Rubbermiro
Bourbonese Qualk - Headstop
Konono No 1 - Masikulu
Baca Tribe - Ndhlamini
Where's Lisse - You Stole My Gun
Gang Gang Dance - Egyptian
Max - Are the Trumpets Ready?
D.Wood - Boy On Space (Studio G Sound Library)
Pedro - Field Angels
Steven Mallinder - Del Sol
Incense - Aquamarine
Moebius - B 36
Pedro - Lay Down Mega Man
New Order - 586 (Peel Session)
Bergheim 34 - Take My Soul
Fennesz/Sakamoto - Gala Cecilia Santa
Laub - Mofa
Vladislav Delay - Demon track of
Curve - Sinner
Hartfield - Strangers When We Meet
The Cure - Pornography
Lycia - The Empty Air
Chorchazade - Where There's Brera
The Fall - The Man Who's Head Expanded (PeelSession)
Killing Joke - Exit
Technoanimal - Robosapien
A Primary Industry - shear
This Heat - The Fall of Saigon
We Be Echo - Shake Shake
Stereolab - St. Elmo's Fire
Dust Devils - False Dawn
Soft Pink Truth - Homosexual
Greater Than One - Slog On
Conrad Schnitzler - Wer Geht Da
Os Mutates - Panis et Circenses
Steven Mallinder - Cool Down
Planet Jazz - BMB Theme
Bergheim 34 - The Spy Who Dubbed Me
ESG - Moody
New Order - Turn the Header On (Peel)
Congos - Congoman
Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd - Neil's Theme


sept 20, 2005



depeche mode - oberkorn
arthur russel - treehouse
brian eno - dead finks dont talk
chris and cosey - morning
moebius/plank - die wirren
donna regina - when i was younger
black light district - red skeletons
david bowie - a new career in a new town
wire - another the letter
airiel - kiss me slowly
violet indianna - sundance
marz - wir sind heir
fennesz - intro (live)
robin guthrie + harold budd - snowfall
maureen mcgovern - the morning after
cabaret voltaire - james brown
gang of four - at home he's a tourist
soft pink truth - eats tapes (unreleased)
eurythmics - paint a rumour
the men - cruel
grace jones - pull up to the bumper
cabaret voltaire - thank you america
metal boys - new malden
propaganda - frozen faces (12" mix)
new order - vanishing point
ulrich schnauss - in all the wrong places
airiel - shirley yemple tidal wave
hartfield - stand by me
cocteau twins - rococo
the cure - fake
lush - waste of space
the the - the sinking feeling
arthur russell - thats us / wild combination
general magic - detritus
coh - electric b2
lfo - simon from sydney
captain sensible - more snakes than ladders (12" mix)
japan - life in tokyo
depeche mode - dangerous
joy division - the only mistake
siouxsie and the banshees - little johnny jewel
polyphonic size - men and construction
pet shop boys - was that what it was?
kraftwerk - computer liebe
aphex twin - untitled 4
efterklang - step aside
flying lizards - preface
massive attack vs mad professor - three (vocal dub)
luomo - melt (agf remix)
m83 - fields, shorelines + hunters
slowdive - she calls
airiel - firefly
susanna and the magical orchestra - sweet devil
die doraus und die marinas - zu spit
amanda lear - hollywood flashback
o - swordfish
donna regina - devotional sleeper
marc le clair - 150e jour
cti - dancing ghosts
kraftwerk - die roboter
f. barcellini - adios mario


sept 6, 2005


our films were: stuff by cocteau
this night we raised $385 in cash donations for the RED CROSS DISASTER RELIEF FUND

nurse with wound beware the african mosquito
coil - dark river
siouxsie and the banshees - sea breezes
ac maris - there's a scent of rain in the air
depeche mode - shame
frank bretschnieder - the day it rained forever
eurythmics - here comes the rain again
anderegg - when rectangles roll under cities
john foxx - tidal wave
pink industry - empty beach
the anti-group - big sex
xiao fang fang - go go
country teasers - the last bridge of spencer smith
throbbing gristle - united
chrome - march of the chrome police
skream - traitor
venom - live at city gardens
daf - absolute korberkontrolle
black lodge singers - spongebob squarepants
autechre - basscadet (seefeel mix)
pluramon - noise academy
hope blister - dagger
fairmont - traumm
savage - dont cry tonight
etienne daho - la baie
siouxsie and the banshees - swimming horses
kraftwerk - neon lights (live)
non - cleanliness and order
lfo - nurture
throbbing gristle - persuasion
throbbing gristle - persuasion (motor mix)
throbbing gristle - a debris of murder
the cure - other voices
grace jones - walking in the rain
agf - chorizon
cabaret voltaire - sensoria ( bbc session)
arthur russell - the platform on the ocean
rev charlie jackson - mississippi live
the nairobi sound - chemrirocha
liquid liquid - rubbermirror
we be echo - and now they are
dunderhead - pink beanie
moondog - suite 1 movement 2
venom - reprise
clock dva - brigade
de lights - little one
pump - do this
henrik schwartz - leave my head alone brain
ddaa - ode a l'alcool de riz
nurse with wound - june 15
curve - cuckoo
philip glass - heroes (aphex twin remix)
matmos - l.a.s.i.k.
exile - the purple slimy one
dali's car - create and melt
my bloddy valentine - slow
swervedriver - mezcal head
chapterhouse - feel the same
kill memory crash - new automatic american
morrissey - jack the ripper
curve - coast is clear
sparks - when i'm with you
yello the lorry
der plan - adrenolin
omd - bunker soldiers
minny pops - palm beach
marlene dietrich - come rain or shine
depeche mode - lie to me
tuxedomoon - waterfront seat
siouxsie and the banshees - dazzle
u.n.k.l.e. - rabbit in your headlights
cranes - beautiful friend
jeanne moreau - each man kills the the thing he loves (from querelle)


AUGUST 30, 2005


our films were:

main - crater scar chris and cosey - the gates of ancient cities labradford - star city russia zoviet france - daisy gun ac marias - sometime cabaret voltaire - everything is true cabaret voltaire - safety zone duran duran - tiger tiger marc le clair - 150e jour fairmont - traum janet cardiff - the missing voice fennesz - caecilia marz - blaue faden alva noto + ryuichi sakamoto - morning piano magic - music won't save you from silence gavin bryars - raising the titantic (big drum mix) andrew thomas - soft ballets kraftwerk - man machine (live) blir -6 c-shulz - flimm 1 chris cosey - driving blind (vaporspace mix) minny pops - she said go go coil - penetralia II fad gadget - back to nature zaklava - plavnya alva noto - j durutti column - katharine panchroma - colors thomas /mayer - panic room dublee - 4 gas - pop international peoples gang - universal thumbs up trisla - mondlied dj koze - hicc up nocturnal emmissions - dorsflexion carter tutti - kinka autechre - parhelic triangle bernard parmegiani - accidents/harmoniques frank bretschnieder + steinburchel - periode secular musics of south yorkshire - 21 sam rosenthal - fragments of benediction marc le clair - 236e jour richard h kirk - never lose your shadow 12" pet shop boys - jack the lad stereolab - dots + loops creatures - standing there ariel - 500 deep cocteau twins - feathers-oar-blades crack we are rock - hooker leg ymo - katalina yamo - naked japanese goldfrapp - pilots siouxsie and the banshees - melt bark psychosis - 3 girl rhumba the the - giant colin newman - fish five echo and the bunnymen - no hands (peel session) the cure - temptation (demo for lets go to bed) pluramon (feat julee cruise) - time for a lie section 25 - je veux ton amour malaria! - thrash me q.lazzarus - goodbye horses electronic - getting away with it the cranes - pale blue sky slowdive - 40 days laurie anderson - frames for the pictures raymond scott - tempo block


AUGUST 16, 2005

and our special guest M.C.SCHMIDT from MATMOS (SF)


cabaret voltaire - just fascination 12"
bill nelson - seduction
colin newman - but no
coil - black antlers
fad gadget - lady shave
minny pops - total confusion
javier alvarez - mambo a la braque
ymo - yellow magic / tong poo
alva noto - autoshape
savage republic - when all else fails
blurt - the fish needs a bike
the fall - some peel session?
techni animal - demonoid
wir - sexy and rich
moondog - themes and variations
the mothmen - afghan farmer driving cattle
we be echo - and now they are
six finger satellite - babies (got the rabies)
people like us - swing largo
ulver - dressed in black
international people's gang - universal thumbs up
gunter muller and steinbruchel - geneva
popnoname - gold
john oswald - bad
zapp - more bounce to the ounce
wobbly - christian music
soft pink truth - lady sovereign remix
john oswald -
aznpride - aznpride
cluster - miss cacadoo
balenescu quartet - pocket calculator
asmus tietchens - endzeit kinu
the normal - warm leatherette
metal urbain - panik
iggy pop - tight pants
sparks - something for the girl with everything
p.i.l. - swan lake
conspiracy international - no evil
matthew herbert - ______
derek jarman - blue
duran duran - tel aviv
iggy pop + david bowie + throbbing gristle - slug bait plays lots of strange sounds
coil - pentralia
heino - die schwarz barbara
mime and the mimic
more weird sounds from m.c.
safety scissors - pigs on fun
robert gorl - love in mind
heaven 17 - geisha boys
arvo part - magnificent
slowdive - i saw u staring at the sun
dublee - track 1
deathprod - organ donor
a positive life - lighten up
severed heads - an explosive new movie
roxy music - the bogus man
japan - swing
the end.


AUGUST 2, 2005


hans otte - II
cabaret voltaire - other world
chris carter - maybe
laurie anderson - the visitors
cinq - pale blue
cabaret voltaire - kneel to the boss
siouxsie and the banshees - tenant
angelo badalamenti - pink room
john oliver - marimba dismembered
nurse with wound - rock and roll station (atmospheric karaoke version)
grace jones - libertango
chris and cosey - belong to me
leila arab - seda stream
spring heel jack - 68 million shades
main - transiency
durutti column - _________
conversion - signal wind
bark psychosis - 3 girl rhumba
pet shop boys - the sound of the atom splitting
colourbox - philip glass
cranes - orestes y electre
colleen - summer water
bourbonese qualk - blackout
mass - cabbage
the fall - eat y'self filter
techno animal - anthrazite
can - halleluhwah
tuxedomoon - driving to verdun
adult - the end
daf - absolute body control
pyrolator - 180 degrees
palais schaumburg - madonna
fad gadget - salt lake city, sunday
metal urbain - creve salope
roxy music - beauty queen (for manuel)
amanda lear - give a little mmmph to me
cindytalk - janey's love
soft cell - bleak is my favourite cliche
damage manual - blame and demand
curve - turkey crossing
banco de gaia - kincajou
lycia - the kite
slowdive - brighter
(nairobi sound compilation) - chemioche
ben watt - slipping slowly
blurt - ruminant plinth
operation mind control - out there
moondog - themes and variations - rimshot
a hawk and a hacksaw - portland town
simple minds - celebrate
clock dva - beautiful losers
pan sonic - b (peel session)
zoviet france - static fields
esplendor geometrico - confort
frank bretschnieder - barebone
human league - path of least resistance
throbbing gristle - something came over me
nina hagen - wir leben nummer noch
france gall - der computer nummer drei
gina x performance - opposite number
sparks - beat the clock
kosmonautraunen - stolze menschen
warsaw - they walked in line
pizzicato 5 - ikie nishu arigato
bjork - hyperballad (over the edge mix - live)
aphex twin - window licker
luomo - tessio
asmus tietchens - s.17
aphex twin - ambient piece #3
alva noto & ryuichi sakamoto - berlin
robin guthrie and harold budd - one true love
aer - as you wander round
clan of xymox - no words


JULY 19, 2005


taylor deupree + eisi - cloud, light, water (fall)
tuxedomoon - the laboratory
arthur russell - the name of the next song
thomas leer - kings of sham
yaz - tuesday
kraftwerk - musique non stop
autechre - basscadet (beaumont hannent remix)
coh - cereal flux
the orb - falken bruck
the hafler trio - exactly as i do
coh - my angel
sneakster - broken
cranes - fragile
dublee - 2
biosphere - the man with the movie camera
klute - the rain
kleenex - u
the fall - big new prinz
cabaret voltaire - loosen the clamp
boom bip - soft + open
jah wobble + philip jeck - phil and me
xinli supreme - all you need is love was not true
konono no.1 - masikulu
ruth - roman photo
france gall - der computer numer drei
cabaret voltaire - kickback
marc le clair - 236e jour
chris and cosey - little houses
claudia brucken - suicide - a song for a ghost
abc - date stamp
einsturzende neubauten - the interimlovers
siouxsie and the banshees - conga conga
cocteau twins - loves easy tears
joachim witt - kosmetik (thank you to stephan mathieu for sending this song to me)
ymo - seoul music
dif juz - no motion
ride - paralysed
swervedriver - heat
my bloody valentine - slow
stendor kristinsson - eindir
yo la tengo - damage is done
the ecstasy of st. theresa - ice cream
colin newman - and jury
souldwhirling somewhere - pyewickit
tones on tail - happiness
bourbonese qualk - metroland
dubtractor - leaning
chrome - march of the chrome police
mars - 3-E
appliance - rev a
chris and cosey - allotropy (excerpt)
killing joke - you're being followed
crispy ambulance - the plateau phase (live)
robert johnson - ramblin on my mind
minimal compact - naked as you came
frank bretscheider and steinbruchel - periode
O - mekkakala
pink industry - ticket to heaven (remix)
spk - cry from the sanatorium
curve - triumph
polyphonic size - rda/rfa
lansing-drieden - glass corridor
klaus nomi - after the fall
severed heads - russia
dhs - house of god
markus guenter - innerfield
ecstasy of st. theresa - vacuum blows
banco de gaia - desert wind
michael brook - monks bell
sam rosenthal + vidna obmana - ambient3
insanity sect - choctau ridge
depeche mode - walking in my shoes (random carpet mix)
laurie anderson - walk the dog


JULY 5, 2005


the the - raisin in the sun
thomas leer - tight as a drum
cabaret voltaire - kino (12" mix)
marc and the mambas - empty eyes
alphaville - summer in berlin
clan of xymox - agonized by love
dome - jasz
pyrolator - elefantdisco
throbbing gristle - what a day (version)
stephan mathieu - tin foil star
depeche mode - tora tora tora
rah band - messages from the stars
frank chickens - we are ninja
amanda lear - my alphabet
stock, hausen and walkman - fish finger/aerosol
african head charge - primal onedrop
the fall - more pseud may ed (peel session)
big black - deep six
konono no.1 - masikulu
throbbing gristle - distant dreams pt2
juana kolina - salvese quien pueda epic re-version
depeche mode - stories of old
siouxsie and the banshees - turn to stone
cocteau twins - violaine (mark clifford remix)
dublee - 1
speedy j - a stocking hobby
b gunnarsson - a floti
alva noto + ryuchi sakamoto - insen
the ecstasy of st theresa - trance between the stars
radian - jet
daf - i want
die gusunden - die gusunden kommen
yello - no more roger
visage - visa-age
sparks - i like girls
severed heads - 4wd
gino soccio - remember
chris and cosey - dancing on your grave
olsen twins - gimme pizza
duran duran duran - i hate the 80s
pop group - we are all prostitutes
family fidder - silence
blurt - some come
dj scud - no love
tackhead - what's my mission now
swans - the other side of the world
colin newman - i can hear you
ekkehard ehlers - plays john cassavetes
fralippo lippi - a moment like this
b.qualk - dragging us down
jamiila - laiilaaf
sam rosenthal - before the buildings fell
peter ulrich - tagaharu's leaving
lycia - wake
piano magic - la mer
durruti column - rainy day (live)
severed heads - dead eyes opened
kas product - in need
metal urbain - creve salope
the cramps - whats behind the mask
d.u.r. - deutschland brennt
polyphonic size - rda/rfa
yellow magic orchestra - behind the mask
monolake - binary
john foxx - glimmer
omd - the is helena
matmos - woofer blower
minny pops - goddess
frank bretschneider and steinbruchel - phase
wir - footsi footsi
sigue sigue sputnik - atari baby
raymond scott - tempo block


JUNE 21, 2005


robin guthrie + harold budd - snowfall
alva noto + ryuchi sakamoto - logic moon
triola - mondlied
popol vuh - segnung
bj nielson - fade to white
coh - c is for sleep
cabaret voltaire - spies in the wires
jj burnel - euroman
amanda lear - i am photograph
minny pops - ice cube wall
depeche mode - two minute warning
gina x performance - no gdm
p-1 - 49 second romance
soft pink truth - media friend
the fall - blindness (peel session)
cocteau twins - rococo
christoph glowalla - erde 80
robert rental - a.c.c.
schlammpeitziger - pra-digitalen volksstrahlhanger
acr - forced laugh
wire - trash/treasure
shockheaded peters - parabola
nurse with wound - salt marie celeste
keiji heino - ucho ni karamitsuitero
gas - pop
einoma - milli
sneakster - fragment
autechre - untilted 3
social system - decassa
coh - wasp wisp
locust - where did it all go wrong
spk - epilet convulse
wire - you can't leave now
non - cleanliness
carter tutti - kinka
kraftwerk - radioactivity
nocturnal emmissions - dorsiflexion
klaus nomi - you dont own me
dennis und die 13 - schule? nein danke!
moreno - suicide commando
komet - rain
nouvelle vague - psyche
pseudocode - worth of the north
different i's - this week
scanner - hollerhead
23 skidoo - last days
tubeway army - bombers
mung - mongwants
durutti column - for belgian friends
flying lizards - preface
loefah - bombay squad
konstruktivits - new york
john fahey - red cross disciple of christ today
the cure - 17 seconds
bj nielson - let me know when its over
wire - another letter
cocteau twins - alas dies laughing
lush - single girl
loveliescrushing - bloweyelashwish
slowdive - she calls
lycia - nine hours later
seefeel - quique
psychic tv - new sexuality
bauhaus - terror couple kill colonel
cabaret voltaire - agent man
pink industry - what i wouldnt give
nico - orly flight
claudia brucken + andrew poppy - lipstick vogue
marc almond - oily black limosine
brian eno - fat lady of limbourg
marlene dietrich - lets call it a day


JUNE 7, 2005


thighpaulsandra - imperial
esplendor geometrico - es inaudito
yello - no more roger
gina x performance - nice mover
kid baltan - song of the 2nd moon
p-1 - 49 sec romance
virgin prunes - i am god
moonshake - girly loop
crispy ambulance - the presence
alexander hacke - sonntag
helios creed - the sky
electrolane - bells
the fall - new face in hell
mark stewart - liberty city
coil - a slip in the marylebone road
pommasl - tandem distiller
marc le clair - 150e jour
din a testbild - no repeat
wir - so and slow it grows
japan - life in tokyo
sparks - screwed up
section 25 - always now
christine f - wunderbar
missing scientist - big city bright lights
nurse with wound / inflatable sideshow - bone frequency
moondog - dog trot
charley jordan - keep it clean
country teasers - tights
dogmatic duo - up
blurt - smoke time
matt johnson - buggle boy
stars of the lid - requiem for dying mothers
kaa antilopes - arabesques
electrolane - suitcase
susuma yokata + rothko - distant sound of summer
valley tongu - takundambi kumulumi wako
einsturzende neubauten - heaven is of honey
arthur russel - just a blip
curve - track from vital (forgot the name)
thomas leer and robert rental - monochromes days
mono 45 upm - romantic adieu
vice versa - eyes of christ
yello - no more words
aneka - japanese boy
japan - adolescent sex
siouxsie and the banshees - headcut
wire - watching
bridgitte bardot - une histoire du plage
richard h kirk - voodoo
a primary industry - cicatrice
the upsetters - croaking lizard
club tango - performance
electrolane - atom's tomb
rocket freundental - 24 standed in leben eines kunden
red beat - machines in motion
throbbing gristle - six six sixties
speedranch - jansky noise
different i's - this week
c cat trance - (screaming) to be with you
mathmetiques modernes - disco rough
terra nova - mongul (shape mod version)
colin newman - troisieme
swell maps - midget submarines
country teasers - no limits
radian - jet
bauhaus - man with the x ray eyes
mercenarias - policias
minny pops - ice cube wall
omd - joan of arc
marc almond - ruby red
cabaret voltaire - blue heat
polyphonic size - nagasaki mon amour
agentss - agentss
klaus nomi - the twist
claudia brucken and andrew poppy - running up at that hill


MAY 17, 2005


our DVD player gasped.


MAY 3, 2005


our DVD player gasped.

marc and the mambas - mambo
stephen mallinder - in smoke
john foxx - she's a liquid
grace jones - walking in the rain
cabaret voltaire - do the mussolini
brian eno - burning airlines
siouxsie and the banshees - fireworks
tuxedomoon - l'estranger
arthur russell - kiss me again
yo la tengo - autumn sweeter (u-ziq remix)
rothko - 40 years to find a voice
hartfield - a girl like you
kate bush - breathing
ulver - lyckentroepen theme III
lycia - wake
tarnation - the game of lonely hearts
the glove - sex eye make up
sybarite - monument
fennesz - chatea rouge
sneakster - sweet melody
pil - careering
robert rental - careering
swell maps - collision with a frog man
executive slacks - our lady
cobra killer - l.a. shaker
plastics - copy
stephen jess bernstein - no no man
chris and cosey - put yourself in los angeles
the fall - put away (peel session)
london underground - train of thought
gilbert/hampson/kendall - quad
bourbonese qualk - new england
michaela melian - brautlied
african headcharge - dinosaur's lament
za za - zauberstab
sparks - the future
fad gadget - salt lake city
adult - don't talk
cti - real life
swans - amnesia
die horensen - zeittunnel
joy division - exercise one
morrissey - glamourous glue
xmal deutschland - geheimnis
birthday party - ?
wire - field days for sundays
ymo - technopolis
squarepusher - hard normal daddy
kraftwerk - spacelab
stereolab - emperor tomato ketchup
my bloody valentine - lose my breath
swervedriver - sci-flyer
curve - on the wheel
chris and cosey - deep velvet
section 25 - girls don't count
the carrie nations - sweet talkin' candyman
abc - the power of persuasion
depeche mode - now this is fun
clan of xymox - 7th time
the cramps - hot pearl snatch
silicon teens - let's dance
soft cell - bedsitter (session)
siouxsie and the banshees - carcass
wire - dot dash
scala - heart of glass
mark bell - lollypop
lovesliescrushing - riuj
slowdive - souvlaki
q lazzarus - goodbye horses
breathless - over and over
chameleons uk - perfume garden
cocteau twins - kookaburra
spiritualized - electric mainline
david bowie - heathen (live)
marlene dietrich - a guy who takes his time
akira tamba - etude 2

APRIL 19, 2005


our films were "blood of a poet", "l'age d'or", "fando & lis", "weatherwoman"

carter tutti - sudden dreaming
coil - sex with sun ra
yann geslin - variations didactiques
cabaret voltaire - double delivery
colin newman - remove for improvement
nico - sixty forty
yello - bimbo
grace jones - art groupie
clock dva - fractalize
adult - d.u.m.e.
cocteau twins - but i'm not
pink industry - empty beach
chica and the folder - i'll come running
nurse with wound - jane15
pop group - we are time
einsturzende neaubauten - negativ nein
arthur russell - the platform on th eocean
wire - 40 versions
juann molena - martin fierro
efterklang - step aside
bark psychosis - 3 girl rhumba
four colour - snow soup
android lust - sin
klute - no never ending
dali's car - create and melt
m83 - field shorelines and hunters
a.r.kane - a love from outer space
echo and the bunnymen - fuel
metal urbain - crape salope
theoretical girls - computer dating
sparks - music that you can dance to
charles de goal - synchro
francis dhomont - studio de nuit
chris and cosey - pressure drop
the creatures - so unreal
bc gilbert + colin newman - like this for ages
psychis tv - god star
section 25 - regions
throbbing gristle - convincing people
soft pink truth - out of step
pal judy - room with a view
blurt - machina machina
concrete - mass
killing joke - change (capital radio)
mekons - stay cool
angie reed - no pony
he said - pimp
barbara morgenstern - aus heiteren himmel
joy division - heart and soul
charly patton - a spoonful of blues
durutti column - silence
slowdive - sowdive
longwave - wake me up when its over
chamelons uk - second skin
tone on tail - rain
piano magic - touch sensitive
my bloody valentine - what you want
scala - be together
cocteau twins - pandora
antena - camino del sol
ennio morricone - OOPS FORGOT TO WRITE IT DOWN...
the cure - at night
felfarben - all that heaven allows
depeche mode - my secret garden
kraftwerk - airwaves
the the - the the
the cramps - goo goo muck
the cure - new day

APRIL 5, 2005


our films were "eyes without a face", "une ravissante idiote", "lola"

andre hodier - jazz et jazz
carter tutti - hunted
marc andt he mambas - sleaze
yamo - aurora borealis
trapist - observations took place
cabaret voltaire - the snake
javier alvarez - mambo a la braque
stephen mallinder - in smoke
acr - forced laugh
essential logic - hiss and shake
fire engines - get up and use me
liliput - ain't you
slits - in the beginning there was rhythm
metal urbain - paris maquis
gang of 4 - anthrax
302 acid - transmission fire dub
bourbonese qualk - mean street
arthur russell - being there
missing scientists - big city, bright lights
stars as eyes - our life (casino vs japan remix)
faust - carousel 2 (daniel miller + gareth jones mix)
aphex twin - selected ambient works volume 2
aer - as you wander round
ecstasy of st. theresa - fluidum
piano magic - amongst the books an angel
dif fuz - no motion
chapterhouse - frost
airiel - liquid paper
halou - no words
b12 - hall of mirrors
lalipuna - dont think
japan - swing
francis dhomont - studio de nuit
kraftwerk - die roboter
sparks - when i'm with you
amanda lear - intellectually
fad gadget - one mans meat
yura adams - femme futura: switch fever
roxy music - beauty queen
siouxsie and the banshees - cocoon
mouse on mars w/ MES - wipe that sound
pan sonic - rahina 2
blurt - the fish needs a bike
bauhaus - dark entries
vice versa - new girls/neutrons
tuxedomoon - waterfront seat
durutti column - sketch for summer
ana de silve - the lighthouse
musci and venusta - empty blvd
rhythm and sound w/paul st hilaire - free for all
uv pop- zuitar
danny and the dress makers - egss on legs
figurine - time
electrolane - oh sambra!
human league - being boiled
kayembe yirung - wadim washantet
die doraus and die marinas - arrividerci
drinking electricity - china
robert rental and thomas leer - day breaks/night heals
kraftwerk - showroom dunnies
soft pink truth - do they owe us a living
agf/dly - causing a taifan
bizz circuits - grace under fire
vladislav delay - kotilainen
slowdive - avalyn 1
the cure - sugar girl
arthur russell - that's us/perfect combination
russell mills and robin guthrie - firewall
carter tutti - the streets of london fields

MARCH 1, 2005


our films were "good morning", "alphaville", "un chien andalu", "ballet mechanique"

brian eno - sparrow fall2
popol vuh - aguirre
insanity sect - subliminal air
foehn - fat cat
oval - systemisch
rothko - 40 years
sigur ros - s
julee cruise - i remember
vangelis - blush response
lycia - desiderata
cocteau twins - wax and wane
arthur russell - calling out of context
eric random - 6:55
gary lucas + josef van wissem - a hawk from a handsaw
pan sonic - throbbing
pixeltan - thats the way i like it
mekons - where were you
brian eno - driving me backwards
african headcharge - elastic dance
xavier cugat - perfidia
throbbing gristle - convincing people
adult - contagious
thomas leer - international
pink industry - anyone's fashion
spk - contact
xiu xiu - i luv the valley oh
r h kirk - information therapy
asmus tietchens - zeebrugge
agf - liniendicke
mark van hoen - the once green field
fem II - epilthamalia
arthur russell - soon to be innocent fun
efterklang - step aside
fourcolour - snow soup
marumari - war of the wolves
explode - explode baby
sneakster - tight rope
throbbing gristle - hamburger lady
cabaret voltaire - nag nag nag
metal urbain - futurama
inch w/MES - inch
suicide - chil, its a new world
porter ricks - nautical dub
flying lizards - preface
the hasselhoff experiment - the brain that wouldnt die
tones on tail - ok, this is the pops
human league - being boiled
einsturzende neubauten - ring my bell
kraftwerk - airwaves
amanda lear - black holes
yamo - mosquito
sparks - number one in heaven
coh - post-pop
chris and cosey - take control
severed heads - russia
soft pink truth - out of step (minor threat)
yamo - dr.ugly
colourbox - edit the dragon
ymo - technopolis
nina hagen - future is now
xmal deutschland - begrab mein herz
the cure - piggy in the mirror
chapterhouse - on the way to fly
mothmen - afghan farmer driving cattle/animal animaux
wire - 2 people in a room (live)
the fall - who likes the nazis (live)
chorchazade - half a crown
hafler trio - a eg ad, halda afram?
transient waves - blackjack
seefeel - fracture
antena - frantz
durutti column - otis
einsturzende neubauten - youme & meyou
robin guthrie - tera
marlene dietrich - la vie en rose (skipping cd til the end of the night)

FEBRUARY 15, 2005


this was our special MIES-ANTHROPY day after valetines day themed evening. complete with smashed candy conversation hearts. our films were "the bitter tears of petra von kant", "martha", "the marraige of maria braun" by fassbinder

siouxsie and the banshees - obsession
coh - silence is golden
soft cell - l.o.v.e. feelings
eurythmics - who's that girl
spk - a heart that breaks (in no time or place)
yo la tango - love life of the octopus
his name is alive - dub love letter
electrolane - love builds up
roxy music - love is the drug
the jazz butcher - burglar of love
the dukes of the stratosphere - my love explodes
marlene dietrich - love me
insides - euphoria
cocteau twins - crushed
airiel - tearing my eyes out
pet shop boys - to face the truth
depeche mode - the things you said
the cure - siamese twins
black tape for a blue girl - a livery of bachelors
this mortal coil - i want to live
tall dwarfs - we bleed love
arthur russell - arm around you
metal urbain - little girl of love
elizabeth welch - stormy weather
blurt - universal love song
marine - a man and a woman
mekons - he beat up his boyfriend
bourbonese qualk - impulse love
a primary industry - perversion
marc almond - a lover spurned
abc - valentine's day
propaganda - the murder of love
chris and cosey - cords of love
robert gorl - i love me
fad gadget - love parasite
yello - i love you
coil - love's secret domain
big star - femme fatale
the the - i cant get you off of my mind
beat happening - lets kiss
eurythmics - i need you
pixies - la la love you
the field mice - lets kiss and make up
american analog set - fool around
willie hutch - "foxy brown" hospital prelude to love theme
lisa germano - psychopath
cindytalk - the first time i saw your face
scala - fuser
leila - feeling
joy division - no love lost
roxy music - in every dream house a heartache
klaus nomi - you dont own me
the the - twilight time
soft cell - meet murder my angel
clan of xymox - agonized by love
virgin prunes - pagan lovesong
shellac - prayer to god
pansy division - he could be the one
the cramps - whats inside a girl
gere wilden - sexy girls
my life with the thrill kill kult - glamour is a rocky road
silicon teens - do you love me
pizzicato 5 - love's theme (remix)
kraftwerk - computer love
future bible heroes - a thousand lovers in a day
marlene dietrich - no love, no nothing
richard h kirk - false erotic love
marc and the mambas - your love (leaves a lesion)
swans - love will save you
act - heaven knows i'm miserable now
morrissey - nobody loves us
sparks - tearing the place apart
duran duran - i dont want your love
grace jones - love is the drug
saint etienne - only love can break your heart
pet shop boys - love comes quickly
ultra vivid scene - dream of love
future bible heros - lonely days

FEBRUARY 1, 2005


our films were "doublevision" by cabaret voltaire / "playtime" by jacques tati / "chinese roulette" by fassbinder

laurie anderson - closed circuit (live)
tg/psychic tv - a debris of a murder
peter hope / richard h. kirk - leather hands
chris and cosey - cowboys in cuba
whitehouse - heads you lose
dominique a - encore
cindytalk - its luxury
unto ashes - duration of emptiness
loveliescrushing - riuj
throbbing gristle - x-ray
ulver - lyckanttoepen theme 1
boards of canada - an eagle in your mind
art of noise - ode to don juan
lusine - everything under the sun
sneakster - pseudo nouveau (robin guthrie mix)
cocteau twins - pink orange red
madrodeus - elos na catedral
tv on the radio - ambulance
shuttle358 - duh
duet emmo - the first person
act - certified
duran duran - tel aviv
spk - epilet: convulse
esplendor geometrico -
the cramps - goo goo muck
die doraus und die marinas - satellit
lori and the chameleons - touch
aneka - japanese boy
yellow magic orchestra - absolute ego dance
mark bell - we are reasonable people
black dog - object orient
lolita storm - suzy
nina hagen - taitchi tarot
kate bush - sat in your lap
divine - native love
recoil - you'll see me there
nearly god - make the change
grace jones - art groupie
tuxedomoon - incubus (blue suit)
fad gadget - ricky's hand
schnappi der kleine krokodil (dance mix)
psychic tv - roman p
indians in moscow - naughty miranda
sparks - i like girls
soft cell - numbers
art of noise - moments in love
fennesz - +/- one
scala - wrong
pet shop boys - the sound of the atom splitting
luomo - the visitor
future sound of london - pathforms 2
kraftwerk - computer world 2
cabaret voltaire - in the shadows
nico - henry hudson
thomas leer - international
vice versa - neutrons
antena - ingenious
morrissey - jack the ripper
come - come sunday
taylor deupree/christopher willits - living flowers
brigitte bardot - une histoire du plage
cocteau twins - but i'm not
crispin glover - fuck clowns
steven severin - visions
laurie anderson - oh superman
herbert - you saw it all
siouxsie and the banshees - belladonna
moose - live a little , love alot
hartfield - reason
piano magic - ghosts
javier alvarez - mambo ala braque
agf - private birds
yaz - in your room
einsturzende neubauten - total eclipse of the sun
fennesz - circassian

JANUARY 18, 2005


our films were "the demon" / "the three faces of eve" / "purple noon"

The first hour was all culled from the discography of CARPARK/ACUTE/PAW TRACKS for the promotional event we did.

metal boys - disco future
glenn brance - untitled
ariel pink's haunted graffiti - crying
greg davis - centermost
theoretical girls - computer dating
maru mari - saka
signer - hurrican or sunshine
dinky - black cabaret
animal collective - too soon
metal urbain - numero zero
doctor and the mix - i can't control myself
signer - komputa ga bukowarera
metal boys - tokio airport
hrvaski - equinox
ariel pink's haunted graffiti - young pilot astray
stars as eyes - maru mari remix
ogurusu norihide - track3
antena - achilles
cti - the need
pixeltan - thats the way i like it
the fall - xralothep
neu - sonderangebot
ambrose reynolds - kent state
tones on tail - lions
isan - ensa's head
blurt - domain of dreams
process - calene
dead can dance - threshold
ccat trance - screaming to be with you
die todliche doris - robert
the bob crewe generation - the black queen's beads
cabaret voltaire - blue heat
coh - neuvo waltz no. 1
linda scott - i've told every little star
marc and the mambas - your aura
klaus nomi - falling in love again
colin newman - troiseme
wire - pink flag (live)
stranglers - bring on the nubiles
can - halleluhwah
hazard - village
legendary pink dots - eight minutes to live
foehn - i'd reach across the stars and cry for you
arthur russell - being it
asmus tietchens - ptomaine
tarwater - v-at
connie francis - sibonney
duran duran - the chauffeur
thomas leer - tight as a drum
chris and cosey - cowboys in cuba
fad gadget - one mans meat (12" mix)
esplendor geometrico - paedophile information exchange (vers2)
divine - tshirts and tight blue jeans
the hypothetical prophets - person to person
antena - carmino del sol
hafler trio - white is the color of cannibal silence. the trace of the immediate
the famous boyfriend - it sounds as if you are falling apart
cabaret voltaire - invocation
robert wyatt - old europe
the fall - janet vs johnny
dome - rolling upon my day
andy moor + yannis kryriakides - 3 loved 1
l voag - bedroom
durutti column - experiment in fifth
sft - sandsong
bourbonese qualk - new jerusalem
the great unwashed - born in the wrong time
flying saucer attack - feedback song

JANUARY 4, 2005


our films were "dreams"/"tokai monsters:spook warfare"/"saddest music in the world"

chris carter - beat
coil - the wheel
minny pops - trance
stephen mallinder - three piece swing
wire - our swimmer
pink industry - not moving
human league - dignity of labour part 4
xmal deutschland - xmas in australia
the homosexuals - still living in my car
mekons - teeth
buzzcocks - werk
a certain ratio - shack up
the prefects - going through the motions
the fall - classical
modern english - machines
ulrich schnauss - in all the wrong places
depeche mode - any second now (altered)
the the - soul mining
a.r.kane - love from outer space
tears for fears - pale shelter
meat beat manifesto - paradise now
tricky - black pine
colourbox - keep on pushin
arcane device - squid
einsturzende neubauten - the interimlovers
chris and cosey - love cuts
severed heads - now an explosive new movie
fad gadget - life on the line
die doraus and die marinas - kleines stubenmadchen
arthur russell - see through
television personalities - do you think if you were beautiful you would be happy?
the wedding present - pleasant valley sunday
the raincoats - fairytale in the supermarket
pylon - dub
xtc - terrorism
the minutemen - west germany
mission of burma - new nails
nina hagen - nunsexmonkrock
grace jones - slave to the rhythm
aphex twin - on
slowdive - in mind (187 remix)
gentle people - gently faboo
the orb - centuries
the bob crewe generation - barbarella
leila arab - won't u be my baby, baby?
boyd rice and frank tovey - untitled
javier alvarez - mambo ala braque
john foxx - tidal wave
duran duran - tiger tiger
spk - postmortem
radian - rapid eye movement
soft cell - potential
matmos - woofer blower
trans am - cologne
figurine - time (his mix)
cut copy - a dream
out hud - this bum's paid
her space holiday - contrast and compare
kevin sheilds - are you awake
king biscuit time - i love you
ulrich schnauss - on my own
airiel - 500 deep
lsd - by your side
lamb - godbless
cranes - jewel (robert smith remix)
clan of xymox - agonized by love
ac marias - one of our girls
fennesz - got to move on
sparks - this town isnt big enough
clock dva - 4 hours
roxy music - editions of you
visage - visa-age
the attack - lady orange peel
bergen white - she is today
millenium - i want to be your friend
pebbles and shells - lets be more than friends tonight
baker street philharmonic - the last one
scott walker - angels of ashes
swans - love will save you

DECEMBER 21, 2004


our film extracts "woman in the dunes"/50s educational films/"the tenant"/"death in venice"

kraftwerk - vitamin
throbbing gristle - don't do as your told
depeche mode - fools (bigger)
colin newman - alone
cabaret voltaire - sluggin fer jesus (part 3)
philip glass - vessels
unto ashes - lord of the dance
after the flood - electric
siouxsie and the banshees - overground
after the flood - electric (reprise)
chameleons uk - monkeyland
gary numan - metal
eno/byrne - mea culpa
scala - vdt
depeche mode - walking in my shoes (eno mix)
moondog and his honking geese - bumbs
family fodder - debbie harry
minimal man - showtime
the fall - blindness
zoviet france - io!/drive
minimal compact - low flight
colin newman - life on deck
fax & alex ayuli - spellbound
thought gang - pink room
swans - a screw
siouxsie and the banshees - candyman
the carey nation - sweet talkin candyman
sparks - throw her away
coil - penetralia 2
anne clark - bursting
nico - vegas
chris and cosey - obsession
clan of xymox - scum
soft pink truth - homosexual
john b - take me home
piano magic touch sensitive
insides - obsession
new order - procession
tall dwarfs - dog
wir - sexy and rich
bourbonese qualk - thick as theives
bill nelson - the crystal escalator etc
king and queen - she's a queen
die doraus & die marinas - nordsee
homosexuals - in search of the perfect baby
klaus nomi - silent night
daf - i want
heaven 17 - geisha boys
section 25 - dirty disco
roxy music - beauty queen
wire - ex lion tamer
the league - sound of the crowd
kraftwerk - showroom dummies
pet shop boys - miserablism
aphex twin - ambient 2
bjork - hyperballad (over the edge mix)
starseeds - heavenscoffeeshopairport
ecstasy of st theresa - ikariexb7
andrea parker - how we are
sexteto habanero - criollo haragan
the gist - love at first sight
githead - to have and to hold
the good missionaries - fellow sufferers in dub
dokument - hand in hand
leftfield - open up
joy division - as you said
vice versa - neutrons
depeche mode - halo (goldfrapp mix)
frank bretschneider - party in two parts
siouxsie and the banshees - gun
abc - surrender (demo)
sparks - screwed up
winston tong - dream assassins
kraftwerk - die modell
the glove - mr alphabet says
depeche mode - now this is fun
matthew dear - ?
moloko - sorry
my bloody valentine - you never should
the jesus and mary chain - never understand
siouxsie and the banshees - green fingers
locust - no one in the world

DECEMBER 7, 2004


THIS WAS OUR "RE-MAKE/RE-MODEL" ALL COVERS NIGHT! (original artist in paranthesis)
our film extracts "that obscure object of desire"/"stepford wives"/"blind beast"/"eyes without a face"

david bowie - cactus (pixies)
pixies - head on (jesus and mary chain)
black tape for a blue girl - shadow of a doubt(sonic youth)
nearly god -tattoo (siouxsie and the banshees)
psychic tv - set controls for the heart of the sun (pink floyd)
human league - you've lost that loving feeling (righteous brothers)
secular musics of southern yorkshire - reproduction (human league)
act - white rabbit (jefferson airplane)
coh - fetish ( vicious pink)
siouxsie and the banshees - hall of mirrors (kraftwerk)
balanescu quartet - pocket calculator (kraftwerk)
erlend oye - there is a light (the smiths)
the the - six more miles/my heart would know (hank williams)
the magnetic fields - heroes (david bowie)
sloan - transona five (stereolab)
love tractor - neon lights (kraftwerk)
cabaret voltaire - here she comes now (velvet underground)
gerlins - crazy i know (dead c)
the bible society - fade to grey (visage)
acr - shack up (banbarra)
killdozer - unbelievable (EMF)
the fall - kimble (lee perry)
the cure - young americans (bowie)
tricky - lyrics of fury (eric b + rakim)
soft pink truth - owe us a living (crass)
crispen glover - these boots are made for walkin (nancy sinatra)
day behavior - see you (depeche mode)
mandalay - i dont want the night to end (phoebe snow)
tiny tim - i got you babe (sonny and cher)
nina hagen - my way (frank sinatra)
polyphonic size - mothers little helper (rolling stones)
omd - waiting for the man ( velvet underground)
nico - waiting for the man (velvet underground)
propaganda - femme fatale (velvet underground)
klaus nomi - you dont own me (leslie gore)
psychic tv -good vibrations (the beach boys)
frank black - hang on to your ego (the beach boys/brain wilson)
evlyn - smoke and mirrors (magnetic fields)
i am the world trade center - shoot you down (stone roses)
saint etienne - stormtrooper in drag (gary numan)
mim - john, i'm only dancing (david bowie)
queen of japan - i was made for loving you (kiss)
electrolane - on fire (bruce springsteen)
stereototal - get down tonight (kc & the sunshine band)
slits - heard it through the grapevine (marvin gaye)
rework - october love song (chris and cosey)
fsa - outdoor miner (wire)
tall dwarfs - on and on and on (abba)
head of david - rocket usa (suicide)
jezzamine - cheree (suicide)
cabaret voltaire - theme from shaft (isaac hayes)
crispy ambulance - united (throbbing gristle)
eurythmics - wrap it up (hayes /porter)
klaus nomi - i feel love (donna summer)
visage - in the year 2525 (zager and evans)
human league - rock and roll (gary gllitter)
grace jones - ring of fire (johnny cash)
einstrurzende neubauten - sand (lee hazelwood)
hnia - blue moon (alex chilton)
solvent - when the sun hits (slowdive)
william orbit - l'inferno (vivaldi)
aztec camera - jump (van halen)
trash can sinatras - in know its over (the smiths)

NOVEMBER 16, 2004


coil - sex with sun ra
einsturzende neubauten - keinbestandteil
aeroc - summers almost over
julee cruise - red queen
coil - red queen
robbie d- are u a boy or a girl?
nearly god - keep your mouth shut baby
his name is alive - if july
lusine - ask you
scala - honey like
the birthday party - the friend catcher
swervedriver - sci-flyer
breathless - always
nina hagen - smack jack
the ecstasy of st. theresa - open up
love spirals downwards - i'll always love you
bron area - you would be amazed
puppy - jerusalem
acr - rialto
moneyshot - trocchi travelled inward
hassell/eno - delta rain dream
dave jones - kink
coil - things happen
swans - a screw (holy money)
solvent - steve strange
visage - tar
section25 - girls dont count
virgin prunes - baby turns blue
morrissey - don't make fun of daddy's voice
lusine - figment
act - snobbery and decay
colourbox - breakdown
pizzicato 5 - miso commercial
the glove - this green city
airiel - liquid paper
clan of xymox - no words
chameleons - tears
scala - slide (bruce gilbert remix)
wire - 40 versions
lusine - slur
locust - 1966
s/z - call it power
the clean - point that thing dub
cti - hammerhouse
solvent - science with synthesizers
minny pops - md mania
cramps - hot pearl snatch
les rita mitsouko - c'est comme ca
unbekkannt - tanzdiele 2
yello - roxy cut
klaus nomi - just one look
eurythmics - paint a rumour
perfume tree - instantaneous
scala - ride on
cocteau twins - spanglemaker
starseeds - sohne monde und sterne
coil - the dreamer is still asleep
coil - a cold cell

NOVEMBER 2, 2004


ELECTION NIGHT: please note some of the election/stupid republican themes

cabaret voltaire - just fascination
marc almond - joey demento
captain sensible - stop the world
morrissey - mexico
richard h kirk - narcotics rap
depeche mode - new dress
abc - hey citizen
duet emmo - first person
omd - messages
my favorite - the suburbs are killing us
future bible heroes - lonely days
kraftwerk - neon lights
m83- cyborg
tuxedomoon - pinheads on the move
electrolane - i want to be the president
bourbonese qualk - let it go
tones on tail - ok, this is the pops
brian eno - baby's on fire
morrissey - america is not the world
palais schaumberg - spy versus spy
cabaret voltaire - thank you america
winston tong - broken english
amanda lear - forget it
fad gadget - state of the nation
die moulinettes - gringo
super maria - au sommaire de tragedy
saint ettiene - the sea
yp la tengo - sea urchins
andy partridge - space wray
unrest - sugarshack
william s burroughs - words of advice for young people
pram - eggshells
killing joke - turn to red
coil - the snow
croniamantal - ortus
gang of four - its her factory
moondoga and his honking geese - dog trot
throbbing gristle - heathen earth
cocteau twins - in the gold dust rush
coil - for us they will
arcadia - election day
severed heads - russia
loretta lynn - the pill
onetwo - cloud 9
depeche mode - something to do (metalmix)
the notwist - pilot
pylon - no clocks
lali puna - left handed
ultra vivid scene - lynne marie #1
wire - ahead
thomas leer - pruate plane
faultline - clocks
wire - pink flag (live)
fall - fit a working again
prince buota all stars - 7 wonders of the world
frances bebey - bissau
colin newman - -i can hear you
nurse with wound/stereolab - simple headphone mix
pink industry - enjoy the pain
depeche mode - halo (goldfrapp remix)
minny pops - RU21
klaus nomi - total eclipse
morrissey - lazzy sunbathers
curve - blindfold
skinny puppy - dig it
frank black francis - wave of mutilation
felt - mexican bandits
mogwai - 2 rights make 1 wrong
american analog set - the postman (styrofoam mix)
his name is alive - dub love letter
the magnetic fields - long vermont roads
isan - eusa's head
scanner - the breaking of word
morrissey - margaret on the guillotine

SEPTEMBER 21, 2004


theme from lili marleen
donna regina - i'm not a girl
marc almond - oily black limosine
throbbing gristle - convincing people
chris and cosey - driving blind (vapourspace remix)
chris and cosey - gates of ancient cities
omd - silent running
bill nelson - another day, another ray of hope
the russian futurist - the science of seasons
the wolfgang press - cut the tree
david bowie - weeping wall
bloodthirsty lovers - waking up in a good place
madrid - gilbert/beeleepe
ebsk - highways
konstruktivits - konstruktivits
vve - herz
savage republic - when all else fails
mother tongue - who
amanda lear - i am a photograph
der plan - renate
dennis und die wilde 13 - schule, nein danke
mendelsson - storagemanagementadministrationsuitesalesman
marc & the mambas - empty eyes
soft pink truth - the poet's confession
grace jones - she's lost control again
rita mitsouko - jalousie
mick harve - requiem for a c... (sic)
saint etienne daho - jungle pulse
france gall - der computer nr 3
brigitte bardot - contact
francoise hardy - le temps de l'amour
serge gainsbourgh - new york, usa
louis phillippe - martine
orquesta casino de la playa - blau blau blau
stock hausen and walkman - blow me
nurse with wound - the dadda's intoxication
suicide - cheree
family fodder - savoir faire
we be echo - alleycat
markus caspers - nichts gates
byetone - feld
ag geige - leysegang und ich
morrisssey - speedway
liasons dangereuse - peut etre pas
kraftwerk - its more fun to compute
doctor and the mix - no fun
fad gadget - pedestrian
devo - mongloid
brian eno - needle in the camel's eye
wire - advantage of height
future bible heroes - good thing i don't have any feelings
beat happening - hot chocolate boy
unrest - championship nines
acr - gum
arthur russell - you have did the right thing when you put the skylight in
daf - verscheude diene jugend
bourbonese qualk - black out
jah wobble + philip jeck - phil and me
laurie anderson - mach 20
wire - 40 versions
siouxsie and the banshees - head cut
clockdva - sound mirror
spk - post-mortem
loretta lynn - little red shoes
desormais - lullaby
dominique a - retrouvailles
lu - a la casa
young marble giants - eating noddemix
sft - sandsong
japan - burning bridges
chrome - critical mass
minimal man - 2 little skeletons
nocturnal emmissions - firewall
greater than one - all the masters licked me
durutti column - madeleine
the the - flesh and bones
the the - red cinders in the sand

OCTOBER 19, 2004


this was our ghoulish halloween tinged special

b.e.f. - music to kill your parents by
throbbing gristle - splitting sky
coil - who'll fall
human league - circus of death
chris and cosey - just like you
duran duran - waiting for the nightboat
marc and the mambas - a million manias
air - dead bodies
human league - darkness
psychic tv - horror house
the fall - there's a ghost in this house
echo and the bunnymen - paint it black
the zombies - car of the night
sonic youth - halloween
einsturzende neubauten - dead friends around the corner
sebastian hellfire - midi evil
thomas brinkmann - ribosom
scientist - i want blood
boyd rice - there was never a moment when evil was real
to rococo rot - ?
etat brut - necro
siouxsie and the banshees - tenant
the cramps - i was a teenage werewolf
soft cell - martin
chris and cosey - dancing on your grave
severed heads - all saints days
combustible edison - bewitched theme
peggy lee - bewitched (vocal)
eartha kitt - i'd rather be burned as a witch
andrew bird's bowl of fire - ________
squirrel nut zippers - hell
southern culture on the skids - bloodsucker
the fleshtones - i was a teenage zombie theme
pram - carnival of souls
nick cave - the carny
edward ka spel -tick tock
edward ka spel - the shadow mask
bauhaus - dark entries
joy division - the only mistake
suicide - child, its a new world
locust - wrong
cti - dancing ghosts
skinny puppy - church
fad gadget - fireside favourite (remix)
siouxsie and the bandshees - halloween
the cramps - creature from the black leather lagoon
tuxedomoon - no tears (for the creatures of the night)
marc almond - the house is haunted (ectoplasm mix)
future bible heroes - i'm a vampire
my life with the thrill kill kult - the days of swine and roses
orbital - satan
the KLF - seemed a long time ago
angelo badalamenti - dance with the dream man
the 6ths w/ neil hannon - the dead only quickly
this mortal coil - (nothing but) blood)
the bolshoi - ______________
eric random - hardcore
gary numan - praying to the aliens
fad gadget - insecticide
tiny tim - the viper

OCTOBER 5, 2004





metal boys - disco future
grace jones - night clubbing
abc - theme to mantrap
throbbing gristle - hamburger lady (carter tutti remix)
einsturzende neubauten - ich gehe jetzt
autour de lucie - atomium
portastatic - a lovely night
roy budd - carter takes a train
etienne daho - au commencement
michel houellebecq - celibataires
neil & iraiza - middle man
HNAS - die sagenhafte huhner
severed heads - god song
melody aces - asaw fofor
clock dva - beautiful losers
workshhop - fur wen
grauzone - eisbaer
amanda lear - intellectually
cabaret voltaire - kneel to the boss
kraftwerk - die roboter
daf - der rauber & der prince
nina hagen - new york new york
leonard cohen - first we take manhattan
psychic tv - i.c. water
imperial teen - freaks
colder - shiny star
trans am - futureworld
neu - lila engel
perez prado - sambokolea
geins't nait - ?
monkey tribe - deleuze
biosphere - algae
fennesz - circassian
agf - contemporary westernized
cti - no evil
electrik music - tv
the (hypothetical) prophets - person to person
dauerfisch - verse tickt die uhr
die moulinettes - herr rossi sucht das glčck
hollAnd - the lebanon
lansing-dreiden - metal on a gun
evelyn - smoke and mirrors
homosexuals - two horizon
the state - sold to sold
a small good thing - peep show
john lee hooker - it's my own fault
bourbonese qualk - ?
miguelito valdes - rumba rumbero
divine - jungle jezebel
robert gorl - playtime
radian - rapid eye movement
palais schaumburg - rote lichter
vice versa - neutrons
cramps - tv set
sparks - i predict
pylon - stop it
mission of burma - max ernst
gang of four - what we all want
that dog - we must bleed
the cramps - human fly
dykehouse - map ref. 41╝ n 93╝ w
echo and the bunnymen - fuel
brian eno - cindy tells me
amanda leer - my alphabet
einsturzende neubauten - youme and meyou
themes to jacques tati's "mon oncle"