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Crucial Listening #16/Richard Chartier/Pinkcourtesyphone / ATTN:Magazine, UK / Jan 10 (2018)

m50 / WNUR, Chicago / Dec 15 (2017)

Contact Wave
/ Dublab, Los Angeles / Nov 19 (2017)

Museum of Non Visible Art / WYBCX Yale Radio / Sept 5 (2017)

NOW(New Operation Wave), “Borderline Researches” Inside Art #109. March (2017) Italy

Richard Chartier via Why We Listen podcast. Nov 13 (2015)

Richard Chartier guest on Elevation Through Sound on Dublab. June 10 (2015)

“Infinite Grain 04: Richard Chartier on Sonic Field. July 15 (2014)

“Interview: Richard Chartier” on Le Son du Grisli. June (2014)
“Interview with Richard Chartier” on Headphone Commute. Dec 23 (2013) 

“Teléfono rosa de cortesía: una conversación con Richard Chartier” on Concepto Radio. Nov 11 (2013) 

Denny, Chelsey Morell & Leif Huron “A Screen Is a Screen Is a Screen” Spectre // Spectrum. Conveyor. Issue 5. Oct 31 (2013) US: p6-13

Interview (2013) with Richard Chartier, Yann Novak, Fabio Perletta for Fluid Radio

Interview  (2013) with Richard Chartier for 15 Questions

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Richard Chartier via Why We Listen podcast. Nov 13 (2015)

Richard Chartier guest on Elevation Through Sound on Dublab. June 10 (2015)

Hirshhorn Podcast with Richard Chartier & Steven Turner by Ryan Hill/ Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden  2010 / listen

OC-TV video interview with Richard Chartier [ France ] 2007 (search for CHARTIER) / view

Transmediale/Specification.fifteen interview of Richard Chartier & Taylor Deupree by Els Viaene [ Core Audio, FM Brussels ] 2007 / listen

Hirshhorn Podcast Specification.fifteen interview of Richard Chartier by Milena Kalinovska @ Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden  2006 / listen

Chessmachine interview with CoH & Richard Chartier by Yves De Mey – Eavesdropper [ ] 2004 / listen

INA/GRM interview with Richard Chartier + live set excerpt (in French) [ Radio France ] 2005 / listen