digital archive off to the Smithsonian

I am happy to announce that today I am sending off the 655 final edited audio recordings of each tuning fork of the Grand Tonometer. This digital archive is being donated to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History’s  Scientific Instrument collection. Special thanks to Yann Novak for additional editing assistance.


A new collection of my work titled Subsequent Materials (2006-2012) is now available. This 3-hour digital compilation includes two Grand Tonometer related pieces:

track #14: “intro_outro themes for Smithsonian” (2012) 00:34
track #17: “recurrence (” (2012) 34:32

This release is available through my label LINE as well as via all major digital music distributors such as iTunes.

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new short films on the Smithsonian’s Science Collection

Steven Turner just alerted me that the website for the short films showcasing the Acoustics teaching instruments is now online! I was commissioned by the film makers to create 2 short themes for intro/outro credits.

You can see just some of the amazing instruments I was able to work with during my Fellowship.

“The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History houses literally millions of objects which preserve and illustrate our nation’s rich history. Among the many stories that these objects tell are the ways that Americans have learned about science. This site is designed to help students and teachers explore a unique and beautiful collection of instruments used to teach Acoustics – the science of sound. These historic instruments were designed to be engaging and to challenge students to think in new ways about the physical world. In our experience they still retain this power and can provide a uniquely effective way to engage modern students with science and the process of scientific inquiry.”

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edits edits edits

I am currently busy busy again editing the sound files… still 200 to go!

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